The GAC GNSO Consultation Group meeting of Tuesday 23 September 2014 at 13:00 UTC.
06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, 14:00 London, 15:00 CEST For other times:
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Proposed Agenda:

1.       Welcome GNSO Liaison to the GAC

2.       Discussion of Day-to-Day Work Track (attached)

3.       Discussion of PDP Work Track (attached)

4.       LA meeting

a.       Structure of presentation

b.      F2F meeting logistics

5.       AoB

For review:

Updates / Action items - 23/9 meeting:

Welcome to GNSO Liaison to the GAC

  • Confirm GAC agenda when available to Mason, including which meetings are closed
  • Consider when / how introductions should be made during the ICANN meeting

Day-to-day work / PDP Track

  • Document (day-to-day work track) is not intended to be presented / shared in LA - to be used to capture brainstorming / ideas and derive from there suggestions to be shared in LA
  • What triggers are there on the GNSO side that would 'require' involvement of the GAC, for example previous GAC advice, link of issue to national laws?
  • Joint committee of some form could facilitate such two-way conversation as well as identifying when public policy issues are involved (what role can the GNSO play in this, what role does the GAC have). Need to discuss how this could be done in a pilot format. Possible permanent changes could/would need to be reflected in the GNSO Operating Procedures. Further conversations in both the GAC and GNSO may be helpful to obtain input.
  • Need to prepare well for the discussion in LA as not everyone may have followed this conversation as closely
  • Consider sharing examples of current briefing documents and papers with GAC to obtain more concrete input on how these can be improved / modified.
  • Consider putting forward ideas / suggestions for consideration and obtain input from both communities which may provide further guidance on how to work out some of those ideas in further detail
  • Proposal to slow things further down may not be well received - mapping out processes in tandem (GNSO and GAC) may give a better indication if/how/when additional time may be needed
  • Early stages of PDP are fairly slow - maybe question is to refocus GAC attention on those phases instead of when recommendations are already fairly baked.
  • Ability for GAC to identify experts on certain issues could greatly facilitate work on topics that are considered to have an impact on public policy


  • Next meeting scheduled for 7 October
  • Discuss materials for LA meeting on mailing list
  • Work on agenda for F2F meeting for LA
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