The meeting of the GAC GNSO Consultation Group of Tuesday 9 September 2014 at 13:00 UTC.
06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, 14:00 London, 15:00 CEST For other times:
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Proposed Agenda:

1.       Update on GAC members survey
2.       Update on GNSO liaison to the GAC
3.       Day-to-Day WT (attached document)
4.       PDP WT (attached document)
5.       Administrative issues
6.       AoB

For review:

Updates / Action items - 9/9 meeting:

Update on GAC members survey:

  • Members encouraged to review the results of the survey (see and provide additional feedback / suggestions on the mailing list
  • Clear from survey that GAC, as presumably others in the community, are overwhelmed by information available. How to make this easier digestible? Issue is not lack of information, but how to package it so that it is easy to review and assess.
  • How does GNSO prioritise or deal with multiple competing requests?

Update on GNSO Liaison to the GAC

  • GNSO Council appointed Mason Cole as the GNSO liaison to the GAC at their last meeting - to commence in LA until 30 June 2015, following which the  liaison role will be reviewed and assessed.
  • Proposal to invite Mason to attend the next CG meetings

PDP WT Track

  • Consider how information is presented to GAC in LA
  • There may be other mechanisms that could be considered in addition / instead of a Quick Look Mechanism.
  • Also take into account the survey results as mechanisms are explored.
  • Explore role of liaison in this process or potential new mechanisms
  • Quick look mechanism would not prevent more detailed information or input if time / processes allow, but at a minimum it would serve as a triggering mechanism that would allow for starting a process to gather that input to be provided when requested by the PDP WG
  • Focus of public comment forum on Preliminary Issue Report is on whether all relevant information has been included to scope the issue as well as whether the GNSO Council should initiate a PDP

Day-to-Day WT

  • Three remaining options to further explore now that GNSO Liaison to the GAC has been implemented
  • Encourage further conversations on these three options on the mailing list, also taking into consideration the results of the survey and any facilitating role the GNSO liaison may play

Administrative Issues

  • Aim to schedule open F2F CG meeting at the ICANN meetin in Los Angeles (tentative for Sunday from 18.30 - 19.30, followed by drinks)
  • Two remaining meetings between now and LA meeting (23 Sept and 7 Oct)
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