I. Description of Community’s Use of IANA Functions

This section should list the specific, distinct IANA functions your community relies on. For each IANA function on which your community relies, please provide the following:
  • A description of the function;
  • A description of the customer(s) of the function;
  • What registries are involved in providing the function;
  • A description of any overlaps or interdependencies between your IANA requirements and the functions required by other customer communities.
If your community relies on any other IANA service or activity beyond the scope of the IANA functions contract, you may describe them here. In this case please also describe how the service or activity should be addressed by the transition plan.

CWG requirement:

Name = CWG-RFP1

Delivery = next meeting (30 October 2014)


  • Allan MacGillivray (ccNSO)
  • Chuck Gomes (GNSO)
  • Kieren McCarthy
  • Seun Ojedeji (ALAC)
  • Tracy Hackshaw (GAC)
  • Fouad Bajwa (ALAC)
  • Dwi Elfrida (GAC)


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