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1) Your Name:

Andrew Sullivan

(Instructions: Click in the field to the right to open up the text input window. Then click the <Insert> menu button, select <Image>, then choose (or browse) to locate an image file (e.g., JPG, PNG, BMP) from your local computer to upload. After insertion, please click on the picture and adjust the size to no larger than 200 pixels).


2) Stakeholder Group:


3) Constituency:


4) ICANN Affiliation (if not covered by item 2 or 3):


5) Please identify your current employer(s):

Dyn, Inc.


6) Please identify your current position(s):

Director of Architecture.  This seems likely to change.  I’m also currently a member of the Internet Architecture Board.  I represent/speak for neither of these organizations.


7) Please identify the type(s) of work performed:

Technical architecture.  Standards development


8) Please identify your declared country of primary residence (e.g., country to which you pay taxes):

US.  I’m also a Canadian citizen, and expect to return there as soon as practicable.


9) Please list any financial relationship beyond de minimus stock ownership you may have with any company that to your knowledge has a financial relationship or contract with ICANN:


10) Do you believe you are participating in the GNSO policy process as a representative of any individual or entity, whether paid or unpaid?


If the answer is “Yes,” please provide the name of the represented individual or entity. (If professional ethical obligations prevent you from disclosing this information, please enter "Private"):


11) Please identify any other relevant arrangements, interests, or benefits as requested in the following two questions: 

a) Do you have any type of material interest in ICANN GNSO policy development processes and outcomes?

Not as far as I know.  Dyn is a registrar, in case that matters.


If the answer is “yes,” please describe the material interest in ICANN GNSO policy development processes and outcomes:

b) Are there any arrangements/agreements between you and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your participation as a work team member?

Not as far as I understand this question (which is not, I admit, very far).


If the answer is “yes,” please describe the arrangements/agreements and the name of the group, constituency, or person(s):

12) Please identify any Working Groups or other chartered teams in which you are participating (include acronyms, if applicable):

In ICANN, none


13) Additional Information (optional):

Participation in the CWG activity apparently is supposed to be contingent on a promise to make all conference calls and meetings and so on. I can guarantee I do not meet that requirement.  Given the number of such events, I’d be astonished that anyone for whom this was not a full time activity could make such a promise.


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