ICANN 54, Dublin Ireland


08:30 – 17:00, LOCAL TIME

(Liffey B)





08:30               Open RySG meeting

  • Welcome new and prospective members
  • Introduce and welcome 2016 RySG Executive Committee
  • Review agenda


09:00                Contracted Party House (Registries and Registrars Stakeholder Groups) Session

                           with ICANN Staff

  • RDAP Proposal and Implementation Timeline
  • New gTLD Issues
    • Economic study in support of Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice (CCT) – review and impact on next gTLD round timeline
    • New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process
    • New gTLD program review and next steps (Karen Lentz)
  • Action items from GDD Summit and next steps
    • GDD Portal – Introduce GDD Portal Users Group and new ICANN VP, Salesforce
    • Safe Harbor
    • Universal Acceptance
    • 3-Character Country Code Names as TLDs
  • RA Amendment Working Group Developments
  • Specification 11 Working Group Developments
  • Abuse Reports
  • AOB


10:30               Break


10:45               Contracted Party House Session

  • GNSO Council Issues and Motions
  • GNSO Council Chair election
  • Topics for planning for 2016
    • Commercial-focused summit with DNA and NamesCon (Jothan Frakes, Richard Lau)
  • Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Team Volunteers (Jeff Neuman, RySG)
  • Best practices for New gTLDs (RrSG)
    • SSAC Advisory regarding specific recommendations for the Ry and Rr on registrant protection and credential management (11:30) (Patrik Fältström)


11:45               Break


12:00               RySG Working Lunch

  • GNSO Council Issues and Motions
  • RySG Business
    • Ratify vote - RySG Charter Amendments (tentative)
    • Pending RySG Comments
    • Business planning update
  • Interest Groups Reports/Updates/Actions
  • AOB


14:00               Break/Adjourn to meet with ICANN Board


14:15               CPH Session with ICANN Board (Auditorium)

  • 3-Character Country Code Names as TLDs
  • Proposed “voluntary” framework for Intellectual Property Protection
  • CCWG Accountability and IANA Transition Planning relative to bottom-up process
  • Policy-related Issues (Abuse, Whois)
  • GAC Advice
  • Other


15:30               RySG Business Meeting (Continued) (Liffey B)


16:30               Adjourn


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