DATE: Saturday, 11 March 2023

TIME: 13:15 - 14:30 EST

ROOM: Cozumel 2

                ICANN 76 Agenda

Welcome and NIS2 introduction (15 min)

Nacho Amadoz, GeoTLD Group Chair and member of the GNSO Council

Interactive panel discussion  (50 min)

Panelists will be invited to provide concise answers to the questions, followed by a discussion with insitu and online participants. 


1) Will NIS2 impact the day to day registry business, and how? 

2) Do you foresee any specific issue for GeoTLDs in the transposition and implementation of the Directive by national governments?

3) Are concerns about a fragmentation implementation real?  What can the community do to avoid fragmentation? 

4) What could be the next steps to assist national regulators in an adequate implementation regime?


Amadeu Abril i Abril, CORE Association 

Thomas Rickert, ECO and member of the GNSO Council

Wrap-up (10 min)

Nacho Amadoz

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