1.      Welcome and Roll Call (Cintra Sooknanan 8.30-8.35)

2.      NPOC Election Update (Cintra Sooknanan 8.35-8.40)

3.      Candidates Statements (Rudi Vansnick, Lori Schulman, Sam Lanfranco,

Olivie Kouami 8.40-8.55am)

4.      GNSO Council Meeting Report (Klaus Stoll 8.55-9.05am)

5.      Specific ongoing policy issues of interest (Rudi Vansnick 9.05-9.15am)

6.      .NGO and .ONG discussion (Lori Schulman 9.15-9.25am)

7.      IGO and INGO protection (Lori Schulman 9.25am-9.35am)

8.      Status of participation in the NCSG-EC (Lori Schulman/Cintra

Sooknanan 9.35-9.45am)

9.      Status of participation in the NCSG-PC (Rudi Vansnick 9.45-9.55am)

10.     NOMCOM update (Cintra Sooknanan 9.55-10.00am)

11.     Membership  outreach at London Meeting (Sam Lanfranco 10.00-10.10am)

12.     Cross-constituency collaboration (Rudi Vansnick 10.10-10.15am)

13.     Upcoming CROPP requests (Cintra Sooknanan 10.15-10.25am)

14.     Upcoming events (Klaus Stoll 10.25-10.30am)

15.     Break (10.30-11.00am)

16.     Policy Discussion (Klaus Stoll 11.05-11.45am)

17.     AOB (11.45am-12noon)


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