I-Engage Institute Mission and Vision

  • Mission:  To help bridge the gap between territorial and digital sovereignty.
  • Vision: To be an activity-based platform meant to  support the stakeholders of the Internet Ecosystem, its governing processes and institutions.

 I-Engage Institute role and activities

The I-Engage Institute fulfills his mission and vision as a think tank for all of the Internet Ecosystem through the following activities:

  • Providing a platform for all Internet Ecosystem stakeholders to engage in multi-stakeholder dialogue and exchange that is based on the implementation of joint activities of common interest to all participants;
  • Doing outreach and awareness building specifically targeting the biggest Internet stakeholder group of them all -the global general public -, to address relevant issues  related to the Internet Ecosystem and its governance;
  • Providing a space for impartial cross cutting research;
  • Supporting the economic development and sustainability of the Internet Ecosystem and the DNS (Domain Name System), this underlies it.

What makes the I-Engage Institute different?

The Institute is different from existing IG-related institutions as:

  • It is created, governed and maintained by the Internet Ecosystem Stakeholders themselves;
  • It is independent and bridges the gap between territorial and digital sovereignty and is therefore a vital instrument to support the Internet Government processes and institutions;
  • Its operations and impact is based on concrete joint action of the stakeholders and not only on dialogue;
  • It recognizes and addresses the need for awareness-building and the inclusion of the global general public on all topics/aspects/issues related to the Internet Ecosystem and its governance as the foundation for its stability, security and overall sustainability.



  • Rudi Vansnick, NPOC
  • Klaus Stoll, NPOC/GKPF
  • Marie-laure Lemineur, NPOC
  • Speaker (TBC)
  • Speaker (TBC)


Draft Agenda - Breakdown of topics to be discussed:

During the event the I-Engage Institute members will give more information on the background of the institute and they will also report on the ongoing activities in the I-Engaged Institutes current working areas:

  • The I-Inform Alliance: Internet Governance Awareness Building
  • I-Engage-I star Alliance:
  • I/E-Literacy for All
  • Mobile4D
  • I-Security: COP, Child On-line Protection
  • I-Economic Development: gTLD4D, Rural Development


Next steps

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