1) INTRO – ICANN, NCUC and At-Large: what can we build together? [30 minutes]

  • NCUC and its governance: Farzaneh Badii
  • (placeholder for At-Large Intro)
  • what is the difference between NCUC and At-Large structures?
  • Difference between ICANN and IGF: Is IGF going to save the Internet? 
  • Intro to IGF, Chengetai Masango head of IGF secretariat

2) Issues of interest [60 minutes]

  • An introduction to Working Groups: Where we develop policy and your pathway to engagement
    • Privacy protection in WHOIS Data (Stephanie Perrin)
    • Geographic top level domain names, should governments have them all? (Robin Gross)
    • What is trademark overreach and how is it shaping in the rights protection mechanism group) (Louise Marie Hurel)
    • How do RALOs contribute to working groups
  • How did we make ICANN accountable to the Internet community? (phase 2)
    • ICANN respect for Human Rights (Tatiana Tropina)
    • The nearly victorious Jurisdiction group (Greg Shatan)
    • Transparency (Michael Karanikolas)
    • Diversity (Rafik Dammak)

30 minutes break 

17.15 to 18.30 

  • Hot Topics – [45 minutes]
    • Privacy: Stephanie Perrin
    • Sanctions and ICANN: Farzaneh Badii
    • ICANN is not a content regulator: Milton Mueller
    • DNS Abuse (Some technical reality from a technical expert, Patrik)

3) How to get involved (processes) [15 minutes]

  • Joining WGs
  • Public comments (NCUC/At-Large perspective)
  • Onboarding Program (Ayden)

4) How can you be rewarded for your work? (or opportunities at NCUC and ICANN) [15 minutes]

  • Global Stakeholder Engagement (Adam Peake)
  • Opportunities at NCUC
  • Opportunities At-Large

5) Wrap up

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