1- Introduction
2- Update from constituencies on morning meetings (10min)
3- Update from GNSO review team (15min)
4- Meeting with Council of Europe representatives: Human rights issue within ICANN (20min)
5- Update from NCSG Policy Committee meeting on Sunday (10min)
6- Prepare for the meeting with board:
  1. Human Rights considerations at ICANN : e.g. CoE report follow-up
  2. Discussion on outcomes to date from the ATRT2 report : specific concerns about outcomes/non-outcomes
  3. What does multistakeholder bottom-up process mean at ICANN  : i.e. accountability and "trust"
  4. Deep Concern about the EWG Report and the process by which Whois reform is translated into policy

7- Wrap-up & AOB (10min)


NCSG Policy Meeting Agenda:

1- Introduction
2- Discussing GNSO council public meeting : motions
3- GNSO working groups and policies updates
4- AOB: Intercessional Meeting planning
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  1. Update AOB: Intercessional Meeting planning

  2. update: meeting with Theresa (20min)

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