Motion to confirm the formation of and instructions to the Accuracy Scoping Team

Submitted by Pam Little

Seconded by Olga Cavalli


      1. The GNSO Council adopted a proposal on 21 October 2020 which recommended that a Scoping Team addresses the effects of GDPR on Registration Data accuracy requirements and the Whois Accuracy Reporting System (ARS), stating, “a scoping team would be tasked to, ‘facilitate community understanding of the issue; assist in scoping and defining the issue; gather support for the request of an Issue Report, and/or; serve as a means to gather additional data and/or information before a request [for an Issue Report] is submitted’.

      2. On 4 November 2020, GNSO SG/Cs as well as ICANN SO/ACs were informed of the Council’s intent to form a Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team and were requested to indicate if they would be interested in sending representatives to this effort.

      3. At the same time, the GNSO Council also requested that ICANN org develop a briefing document that outlines both (i) existing accuracy requirements and programs and (ii) the corresponding impact that GDPR has had on implementing / enforcing these requirements and programs. This briefing paper was delivered to the Council in February 2021.

      4. Following the Council discussion of the ICANN org briefing paper in April 2021, Council leadership put together a first proposal outlining possible instructions to the Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team.

      5. As a result of input that was provided by different Council members on the first proposal, the Council decided at its May 2021 meeting to form a small team to further review and revise the instructions to the scoping team.

      6. The small team, consisting of one Council member from each GNSO Stakeholder Group or Constituency, two NomCom appointed Council members and the GNSO Liaison to the GAC (as an observer), submitted its recommendations in relation to the formation as well as the instructions for the Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team to the Council on 9 July 2021 for Council’s consideration


  1. The GNSO Council adopts the Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team – Formation and Instructions

      2. The GNSO Council instructs the GNSO Secretariat to request interested SO/AC/SG/Cs to confirm their representatives to the Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team as well as invite the Board and ICANN org to appoint a liaison noting that the first meeting of the Scoping Team is not expected to be scheduled until the EPDP Phase 2A delivers its Final Report. 

      3. The GNSO Council instructs the GNSO Policy Staff Support Team to launch a call for expressions of interest for candidates to serve as the Chair of the Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team. Council leadership will review the applications received and make its recommendation to the GNSO Council.

      4. The GNSO Council thanks the small team for its efforts.

Adoption of the GNSO Council Review of the ICANN71 GAC Communiqué for submission to the ICANN Board

Submitted by: Tatiana Tropina

Seconded by: Pam Little 


  1. The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) advises the ICANN Board on issues of public policy, and especially where there may be an interaction between ICANN's activities or policies and national laws or international agreements. It usually does so as part of a Communiqué, which is published towards the end of every ICANN meeting.

2. The GNSO is responsible for developing and recommending to the ICANN Board substantive policies relating to generic top-level domains.

3. The GNSO Council has expressed a desire to provide feedback to the ICANN Board on issues in the GAC Communiqué as these relate to generic top-level domains to inform the ICANN Board as well as the broader community of past, present or future gTLD policy activities that may directly or indirectly relate to advice provided by the GAC.

4. The GNSO Council’s review of the GAC Communiqué is intended to further enhance the co-ordination and promote the sharing of information on gTLD related policy activities between the GAC, Board and the GNSO.


  1. The GNSO Council adopts the GNSO Council Review of the ICANN71 GAC Communiqué (see and requests that the GNSO Council Chair communicate the GNSO Council Review of the ICANN71 GAC Communiqué to the ICANN Board.

2. The GNSO Council requests that the GNSO Liaison to the GAC also informs the GAC of the communication between the GNSO Council and the ICANN Board.


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