Motion to extend the GNSO Framework for Continuous Improvement Pilot Project by adding implementation of specific WS2 items

Submitted by: Tomslin Samme-Nlar

Seconded by: Philippe Fouquart


  1. The GNSO Council initiated the GNSO Framework for Continuous Improvement Pilot Project on 16 June 2021;
  2. As part of this Framework, a Council Committee for Overseeing and Implementing Continuous Improvement (CCOICI) was established;
  3. The CCOICI reported to the GNSO Council that it completed its work on its assignment concerning the review of the Working Group Self-Assessment (WGSA) for now;
  4. Evaluation of the pilot is not expected to happen until the GNSO Statement of Interest (SOI) Task Force (TF), which was also formed under this framework, has completed its work;
  5. The original framework also suggested that remaining Accountability Workstream 2 (WS2) items could be dealt with as part of this framework;
  6. The Council’s resolution noted that “For the time being, the items that are expected to be addressed as part of the Framework (inlc. WS2, Policy & Implementation, PDP 3.0, Empowered Community, ATRT3, GNSO Review) will be moved to a section in the ADR with no timeframe associated with them as the timing will be determined as a result of the pilot. However, this does not prevent the Council from determining if one or more of these items need to be addressed in a different manner before the pilot concludes, for example, as a result of external factors or changes in the dependencies that were identified”;
  7. A recent update to the GNSO Council provided an update on the implementation of community-directed WS2 items and identified a select number of specific outstanding items that require Council consideration for which it was suggested that the CCOICI could take these on;
  8. The GNSO Council has considered these specific outstanding items and the role that the CCOICI could play in addressing these.


  1. The GNSO Council extends the GNSO Framework for Continuous Improvement Pilot Project by directing the CCOICI to undertake the following WS2 items:

           a.Review the staff assessment of GNSO Council’s implementation status of Recommendation 2 Guidelines for Good Faith Conduct (2.1, 2.2) and Recommendation 6 SO/AC Accountability (6.1-6.5);

           b.Recommendation 1 Diversity – revisit Council’s initial prioritization and carry out implementation for applicable sub recommendations, if any;

           c.Recommendation 3 Human Rights Framework – carry out implementation from GNSO Council’s perspective;

           d.Recommendation 6.1.5 (non-mandatory) – discuss whether the GNSO Council wishes to implement, and if so, how to implement;

           e.Rank Recommendations 1, 2.3 and 3 from Council’s perspective to help inform the prioritization by the Community Coordination Group.

     2.The CCOICI is expected to reach out to GNSO SG/Cs to identify WS2 experts that may be in a position to advise the CCOICI in its tasks.

     3.The Staff Support Team is requested to prepare a background briefing on the items identified above that will help inform the CCOICI’s deliberations and development of an approach and project plan;

     4.The GNSO Council requests Olga Cavalli, as the Council’s liaison to the WS2 Community Coordination Group (CCG) and Chair of the CCOICI, to provide the Council with regular updates on the status of progress of implementation. 

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