Joint ccNSO-GNSO council meeting in Dakar

  • Welcome
  • Participation of ccNSO or ccTLD managers in GNSO Consumer Metrics WG
    • Current status
    • modes of participation
  • Update ccNSO Finance WG (ccNSO)
  • Cross-TLD registration scam (GNSO)
  • GAC-particpation in ccNSO WG ( ccNSO)
  • Strengthening GNSO-ccNSO councils meeting (ccNSO)
    • Example ccNSO- GAC group
    • Model for ccNSO-GNSO meeting ( appoint dedicated councillor's)?)
  • Follow-up cross- community WG (ccNSO-GNSO)
    • What are the issues?
    • High priority?
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