The Joint Session: ALAC and GNSO Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, 06 June 2023 at 13:00 UTC for 75 minutes

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0.Introduction and Housekeeping - Staff (2 mins)

1.Opening and Welcome (3 mins)

    -Eduardo Diaz, Moderator 

    -Jonathan Zuck, ALAC Chair
    - Sebastien Ducos, GNSO Chair 

2.Next Round/SubPro - (45 mins) 

ALAC Speaker: Justine Chew (ALAC Liaison to the GNSO)

GNSO Speakers: Paul McGrady (GNSO Council Small team Lead)

    (2a) The GNSO plan requested by the Board in respect of the 38 pending recommendations; 
    (2b) ALAC's response to draft Closed Generics Framework and ensuing policy process.

3.DNS Abuse (wrt GNSO Council Small Team on DNS Abuse) - (20 mins)

ALAC Speaker: Jonathan Zuck (ALAC Chair)

GNSO Speaker: Greg DiBiase (GNSO Council Vice-Chair)

    (3a) ICANN-CPH contractual amendment negotiations Public Comment Proceeding 

    (3b) ALAC's response to the GNSO DNS Abuse Small Team's considerations on bulk registrations..

4.Next Steps (5 mins) - Sebastien Ducos, GNSO Chair and Jonathan Zuck, ALAC Chair (5 mins)






Audio Recording

Zoom Recording (including audio, visual, rough transcript and chat)

GNSO transcripts are located on the GNSO Calendar

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