DATE:  Monday, 25 October 2021

TIME: 9:00 - 10:00 

ROOM:  Zoom 6


1. On the FY22 Goals document developed by the ICANN Board we can find "Goal 9: Work with Internet governance stakeholders around the world who share the objective of one open Internet for all". With regards to this discussion, we would like to point out that its pretty much welcome but can also be interpreted as a rather broad goal. Therefore NCSG would like to ask the Board what are the steps that you envisage? How do you ensure that it still preserves the multistakeholder model within ICANN? What is "healthy collaboration", what does it mean? Lastly, what about the governments which do not share objective of the open internet?

2. What are the plans for our return to F2F/Hybrid meetings? NCSG would like to discuss and learn how the decisions are going to be taken, what factors are going to be weighed in, in particular about vaccines. And what is a back up plan if we return to the meeting but some people can't travel. Has the Board considered experiences of hybrid meetings? If yes which ones?

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