DATE:  Wednesday, 09 March 2022

TIME: 09:00 - 10:00

ROOM: Zoom 4 (GNSO)


  1. Welcome & Statements of Interest
  2. GNSO Council meeting Philippe Fouquart, Thomas Rickert
    • Motions

    • Subteams: Update and prioritization

  3. Cybersecurity talks ICANNorg / EC and potential impacts Chris Mondini

  4. New identifier technologies in an 5G environment and the impact on ICANN Adiel Akplogan

  5. DNS Abuse: eco topDNS initiative Lars Steffen

  6. ISPCP Charter Christian Dawson

    • Outreach Clarity Exercise results
    • Next steps
  7. Public Comments: Open and Upcoming Proceedings
  8. AOB
    • Holistic Review, status of TOR discussion Osvaldo Novoa

    • Working teams Update

    • Election timelines

    • Next ISPCP call

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