Open meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 1400-1630 Local Time

Tienda Room, Ramada Plaza Herradura, San Jose, COSTA RICA  

Advance Agenda (3/9/12) (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

1400    Introductions/agenda review/scribe/

1415.   Leadership report

1420    Discussion of issues at Costa Rica meeting

1500    ICANN staff briefing re:  RAA amendments  (Kurt Pritz or John Jeffrey)

1530    ICANN staff briefing re:  New gTLD implementation issues (including TMCH/URS)  (Kurt Pritz and Karen Lentz)

1600    Nominating Committee presentation (Vanda Scartezini/Rob Hall)

1615    Briefing on draft letter on new gTLD evaluation metrics (consumer choice, consumer trust, competition) (guest:  Steve Delbianco)

1630    Adjourn

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