• 2 letter character domains in the new gTLD namespace ( - is there any need for Council input, for example re-affirming earlier policy statements
  • SCI - clarification on email voting (is it also the intention to have motions introduced by email and only discussed on the mailing list) - need for Council to scope SCI carefully and narrowly 
  • Reminder that GNSO Council development session will take place on Friday 17 October - please also notify those participating in election for Council seats so they can already mark this in their calendars
  • Should the GNSO appointed board members be invited to participate in the GNSO Council Development Session?
  • Names for co-ordination committee / accountability WG / DT CWG transition
  • Next steps on accountability / NTIA transition (possible letter?)
  • Provide feedback on what should happen on EWG before it goes into a PDP and what would need to be done as part of a PDP (how to address this request from the Board)
  • Update from IDN meeting that was held on Monday with Ram and other board members to discuss policy input to IDN Variant Project (proposed action item: Jonathan to send note to Ram about need for IDN project staff to ensure LGR panels aware of availability of policy advisors/experts)


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