GNSO Council Wrap-Up session 12:30 14:30

IOC Red Cross, working with the GAC

A letter has been drafted, to be sent by GNSO Council Chair to GAC Chair. Edits/comments? Should we send?

Best practices

Where to next? What does the Council want to do now?

JAS Final report

What do we want to do now? We reserved our right to approve it in the resolution we passed and we heard from Kurt on Sunday that Staff would now like some direction from the GNSO Council on whether we approve it or not.


Discussion of possible interactions between the Council and the NomCom going forward (see notes from meeting between NomCom and GNSO leadership earlier this week).

Cross-TLD registration scam and domain kiting

See response from SSAC Chair Patrik Faltstrom sent to Council list this week.  Next steps for the Council?


Suggestions from the ccNSO to have work sessions together on looking at the strategic plan. Our response?

A suggestion that the GNSO joins the ccNSO in requesting extra detail from the CFO on the budget.

Meetings: how do we strengthen our meetings with the ccNSO? How do we build the agenda in an effective way? The ccNSO has dedicated 2 people to looking at the agenda. The suggestion is that the GNSO agenda person liaise with them.

Post newgTLD landscape

Should the GNSO Council be looking at how the community will change as a result of new gTLDs and VI and ccNSO registries providing new gTLD services and vice-versa?

Costa Rica preparation

Who will handle the agenda?

Open Council meeting: Presentations by SG and C chairs at the start of the open council meeting. A suggestion to post a list of topics to the constituency list prior to the Open Council meeting so that the group leaders know what they are going to discuss…

GNSO teleconference schedule for the upcoming year

Secretariat to suggest a schedule, to be approved by Leadership team.

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