Proposed Agenda GNSO Wrap Up Session

  1. Feedback from GNSO weekend session / Council meeting - areas for improvement,  survey. 
  2. Planning for Dublin - assistance with schedule, reminder concerning dates for GNSO Council development session, any feedback on topics that should be considered for Dublin meeting? 
  3. Succession planning - GNSO Chair and Co-Chair Elections, timeline
  4. GAC Communique drafting - Volker to take the lead, expected to be reviewed / considered at the next GNSO Council meeting
  5. Membership in working groups - everyone to ensure sufficient participation and representation in all groups (for example SCI representation)
  6. ICANN Meeting Strategy - communicate to the Board, consider how scheduling of meetings can be improved (e.g. programme committee)
  7. Reminder - number of open public comment forums of interest to the GNSO  (GNSO Review, Privacy/Proxy Services Accreditation Issues)
  8. Any other business
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