Wrap-up Session - Potential Topics to Cover


* GNSO Council Board - Next steps?

* GNSO GAC / BGRI WG - Next Steps?

* ICANN Durban Meeting Organisation

* Response to / letter on Expert Working Group (EWG)?

* Policy and Implementation

- Outcomes and next steps

- Letter from GNSO Council to other SO/ACs?

* GNSO Review

- Consider self-review

- Look at previous GNSO self-review work

- Understand link / overlap with ATRT2

- Seek update from Ray Plzak

* Motions due 8 business days before meeting

- Change operating procedures or fix existing ones

* Information channels for review of RAA / new gTLD agreement

* Privacy/proxy DT

* CWG - Where to next?

* Review of Motions for next session

* Template to request Issue Report

* Plural vs. Singular new gTLDs - Any GNSO Council Action / Steps to be taken?

* Lack of interest on IDN issues - how to promote next steps / action (Could staff ensure Council is continually appraised of developements?)


Action Items:


* GNSO Council Chair comment to public forum

* GNSO Council Chair to write to:

- Board / CEO re Council Policy Advice

- Other SO & AC leaders regarding Policy & Implementation

- Bruce Tonkin re previous GNSO review

- BGRI WG and/or GAC re tabulated summary of policy interaction points Refer timing of motions to SCI (business vs calendar days, as well as time)

* GNSO Council Chair to contact Chairs of SO/ACs to ask for interest in policy vs. implementation WG


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