GNSO Background Briefings:

Saturday 21 June SovereignLeaderPresenter

Standing Committee on GNSO Improvements Implementation meeting

What it's about: The SCI is responsible for reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of the GNSO's Operating Procedures, including Working Group Guidelines and other processes. It is currently finalizing its recommendations for a proposed new process to enable the GNSO Council to vote on motions outside a regularly scheduled GNSO Council meeting, and on a mechanism for electronic/remote voting.

Meeting Agenda:

Policy Staff: Julie Hedlund, Mary Wong

Ron AndruffRon Andruff

Standing Committee on GNSO Improvements Implementation update

What it's about: The SCI will update the GNSO community on its work regarding requests to clarify/amend certain provisions of the GNSO Operating Procedures, including a discussion of its role in reviewing all the Procedures in light of the coming GNSO Review.

Background Information:

Policy Staff: Julie Hedlund, Mary Wong

 Powerpoint Slides

Volker GreimanRon Andruff

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part D PDP WG 

What it's about: The IRTP Part D PDP Working Group will update the GNSO on its progress. The Group has completed the review of the comments it received on its Initial Report and is now in the final stages of its work. The WG will also meet face to face in London and it expects to submit its Final Report to the GNSO Council shortly after ICANN 50.

Meeting Agenda:

Policy Staff: Lars Hoffmann

Powerpoint Slides

Jonathan RobinsonJames Bladel

IDN Variants – Briefing and status update (per the request of the Council in Singapore)

What it's about: ICANN's IDN Variant Program team will provide the GNSO community with a "primer" on the Program (what it is, why it's important, what were the issues identified) and a status update on its current work.

Background Information:

Powerpoint Slides

Jonathan RobinsonSarmad Hussain, Han Chuan Lee

Cross Community Working Groups: CWG-Principles & CWG-Use of Country Codes & Territory Names 

What it's about: The two recently-launched CWGs (co-chartered with the ccNSO Council) will provide updates of their initial work. The CWG-Principles will cover its current findings based on analysis of selected prior CWG efforts and solicit the GNSO community's feedback on challenges that it believes need to be addressed in order for future CWGs to be successful.

Background Information: (CWG-Principles) and (CTN)

Policy Staff: Bart Boswinkel, Marika Konings, Steve Chan, Mary Wong

Powerpoint Slides for CWG-Principles

Jonathan RobinsonJohn Berard (CWG-Principles)/ Ching Ciao / Gabriela Szlak (CTN)
10:3010:45COFFEE BREAK  

Data and Metrics for Policy Making WG update

What is it about? Status update on WG activities to date

Background: The WG is exploring opportunities to review standard methodologies of reporting and metrics that could better inform fact-based policy development and decision making; including how the community can collaborate with contracted parties and other service providers in the sharing of metrics and data.

For more information: please see

Policy Staff Member: Berry Cobb

Powerpoint slides for DMPM

Jonathan RobinsonJonathan Zuck

Policy & Implementation WG update

What is it about: Status update on the WG activities to date

Background: The GNSO Council formed a Working Group which has been tasked to provide concrete recommendations on how to address certain issues stemming from the policy & implementation debate from a GNSO perspective. The WG completed a set of working definitions and principles which are intended to guide its deliberations on the charter questions (see and has commenced its deliberations on the charter questions. The WG will provide an update on its activities. For further information, please see

Policy Staff Members: Marika Konings, Mary Wong

Powerpoint Slides for PI Update

Jonathan RobinsonJ. Scott Evans

GNSO Review

What is it about: The objective of the GNSO Review is to examine organizational effectiveness of the GNSO, including its structure components (GNSO Council, GNSO Working Groups, GNSO Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies). The review scheduled to begin on or about 1 July 2014 will be tightly scoped based on objective and quantifiable criteria provided to the independent examine. An update on the preparation for the review will be provided during this session.

Background information:

Powerpoint Slides

Jonathan RobinsonJen Wolfe/ Larisa Gurnick

Open and substantial strategic discussion

Powerpoint Slides

Jonathan RobinsonJonathan Robinson
13:0014:00LUNCH BREAK  
14:0015:00Preparation for meetings with Board, GAC, ccNSOJonathan Robinson 
15:0015:15Preparation for Discussion with CEO Fadi ChehadéJonathan RobinsonJonathan Robinson
15:1516:00Discussion of Motions
Motions 25 June 2014
Jonathan RobinsonJonathan Robinson
16:0016:30COFFEE BREAK  

GNSO PDP Improvements

What is it about: The GNSO Council supported the exploration and implementation of ten proposed improvements that are aimed to streamline and enhance the GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP). During this session and update will be provided by staff on the status of implementation and expected next steps.

Background information:

Powerpoint Slides for GNSO PDP Improvements Update

Jonathan RobinsonMarika Konings

SSAC Update & Discussion

Powerpoint Slides

Jonathan RobinsonPatrik Falström, Jim Galvin

Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information PDP WG

What it's about: This PDP Working Group effort is chartered to explore the need to translate and/or transliterate domain name contact information. The WG Co-Chairs will update the GNSO about their progress so far and the Groups envisaged progress towards its Initial Report.

Background information:

Policy Staff: Julie Hedlund, Lars Hoffmann

Powerpoint slides

Jonathan RobinsonRudi Vansnick, Chris Dillon

Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues PDP WG update

What it's about: The PPSAI WG has reached preliminary conclusions on some of the questions in its Charter, and identified a number of issues and challenges on which community feedback will be useful. This update session will outline some of the more significant preliminary conclusions and describe the issues and challenges faced by the WG.

Background Information:

Policy Staff: Marika Konings, Mary Wong

Powerpoint Slides

 Don Blumenthal
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