Time Topics of InterestSession LeaderPresenter/s
09:0010:30Open Discussion and Preparation SessionJonathan Robinson 
10:3011:00Locking of a Domain Name Subject to UDRP Proceedings PDP
What is it about:
Status update, including presentation of Initial Report
This PDP WG is tasked to address the locking of a domain name subject to Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceedings. For further information, please see Home.

Michele Neylon, 
Policy staff member:
Marika Konings

 Jonathan RobinsonMichele Neylon


Purpose of Collecting and maintaining gTLD registration data PDP & Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services

What is it about: PDP Status Update and Expert Working Group Update

Background: The Board directed the preparation of an Issue Report on the purpose of collecting and maintaining gTLD registration data, and on solutions to improve accuracy and access to gTLD registration data, as part of a Board-initiated GNSO policy development process.

Presenter: Marika Konings
Policy staff member
: Marika Konings


 Jonathan RobinsonMarika Konings
11:3012:30IGO / INGO PDP

What is it about: Update on PDP status, WG progress and results to date

Background: The PDP was initiated by the GNSO Council in Nov. 2012; WG work is ongoing

Presenter: Thomas Rickert;
Policy staff members: Berry Cobb, Brian Peck 


Thomas RickertThomas Rickert

12:3013:30Lunch -buffet lunch provided for GNSO Council and Working Groups

Discussion of Motions

Motions 10 April 2013

Jonathan Robinson 
14:3015:00IRTP Part D PDP

What is it about: Update on PDP status, WG progress 

Background: This PDP WG is tasked to provide the GNSO Council with recommendations regarding a number of issues relating to the Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP), penalties for IRTP violations and need for FOAs. It started its work on 25 February 2013.

Presenter: James Bladel;
Policy staff members:
Marika Konings, Lars Hoffmann

Mikey O'ConnorJames Bladel
15:0015:30Standing Committee on Improvement Implementation

What is it about: Exchange of views and status update

Background: The SCI is responsible for reviewing and assessing the effective functioning of recommendations resulted from the GNSO improvements process.

Presenter: Ron Andruff;
Policy staff member: Julie Hedlund

 Jonathan RobinsonRon Andruff

IDN (Rec 2 / VIP update / policy & contractual issues)

Presenter: Ching Chiao;

Policy staff member: Steve Sheng

15:45 ~ 16:30 IDN VIP Program and IDN gTLD Variant Delegation
1. Update from Staff on VIP program status and next steps (5 min)

2. Discussion on user experience / public interest, operational readiness, security concerns, etc (15 min)

3. Contractual framework and language for IDN variant delegation (15 min)

4. AOB (10 min)


16:30 ~ 16:45 Final report on IRD Recommendation 2

1. Update from Staff

2. Discussion


Jonathan RobinsonChing Chiao

Prep for meetings with Board and GAC

Jonathan Robinson 
 18:30Offsite dinner, Gather at 18:30, (place to be determined) Bus to Restaurant arranged by Ching


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