DATE: Saturday, 11 March 2023

TIME: 13:15 - 14:30 EST

ROOM: Gran Cancun 2 (GNSO)

The EPDP Phase 2 Small Team was formed by the GNSO Council to consider the concerns outlined in the ICANN Board letter (see and with these concerns in mind analyze the System for Standardized Access/Disclosure to non-public registration data (SSAD) Operational Design Assessment (see and provide the Council with its feedback. The Small Team delivered its Preliminary Report to the GNSO Council on 4 April (see following which the GNSO Council requested the ICANN Board to direct ICANN org to develop a "proof of concept" which is intended to help inform possible next steps on the SSAD recommendations (see Following the publication of the small team’s preliminary report and the GNSO Council’s request to implement a “proof of concept” approach, ICANN org published the Whois Disclosure System design paper in September 2022. The small team reviewed the design paper and continued its consultations with ICANN org, resulting in the addendum to its preliminary report (see The GNSO Council accepted the addendum and subsequently communicated to the ICANN Board (see its support for the request that the ICANN Board proceed with the implementation of the Whois Disclosure System, provided that the updates identified by the small team in the addendum were made. Furthermore, the GNSO Council confirmed to the ICANN Board that, pending the implementation of the Whois Disclosure System for a period of up to two years, the System for Standardized Access and Disclosure recommendations from Phase 2 of the Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) on the Temporary Specification (TempSpec) for gTLD Registration Data should remain paused for consideration by the ICANN Board unless the data resulting from the implementation of the Whois Disclosure System would allow and warrant a decision at an earlier stage.

During this session, the small team will receive an update on the status of implementation of the Whois Disclosure System and continue its consideration of some of the aspects identified as requiring further discussion in the addendum.

Proposed Agenda:

1) Welcome (Sebastien Ducos - small team lead)

2) ICANN org update on status of implementation & open issues / questions for small team (slide deck)

3) ICANN org & small team discussion

4) Confirmation of action items and next steps

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