DATE:  Thursday, 28 October 2021 

TIME: 12:30 - 14:00

ROOM: Zoom 4 (GNSO)


  1. Welcome
  2. Leftover AOB items from the 27 October Council Meeting:
    1. Seek vice-chair for Standing Committee on ICANN Budget & Operating Plan, to prepare for a chair succession plan for the FY24 cycle.
    2. Potential next steps for the Board response to the Council's letter regarding its "Request for Continued Deferral of IDN Implementation Guidelines v4.0"
    3. Suggestion to assign a Council liaison to Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team (as well as request for non-objection to adding  Alternates and a Vice-Chair (see
  3. GNSO Council Liaisons Review (see Council liaison job descriptions here)
    1. Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team (potentially TBD)
    2. EPDP - Internationalized Domain Names (Farell Folly)
    3. PDP: Transfer Policy Review - Phase 1 (Greg Dibiase)
    4. EPDP: Specific Curative Rights Protections for Intergovernmental Organizations (John McElwaine)
    5. EPDP: Expedited Policy Development Process on gTLD Registration Data – Phase 2A (Philippe Fouquart)
    6. IRT: Registration Data Policy Implementation - Phase 1 (Sebastien Ducos)
    7. GNSO Standing Committee on ICANN Budget and Operating Plan (Philippe Fouquart)
    8. GNSO Standing Selection Committee (previously Tatiana Tropina - note, the GNSO Chair or one of the Council Vice-Chairs will serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the SSC to ensure that there is always a direct link between the SSC and the GNSO Council - Tomslin has volunteered)
    9. GNSO Council liaison to the ccNSO (Sebastien Ducos)
    10. GNSO liaison to the GAC (Jeffrey Neuman)
    11. GNSO Council liaison to the SSD ODP (Janis Karklins)
    12. GNSO Council liaison to the SubPro ODP (Jeffrey Neuman)
  4. GNSO Council response to the GAC Communique - call for volunteers
  5. Next Steps: Revised GNSO Councilor Job Description for the Nominating Committee (i.e., convene small team - Olga, Mark, and Maxim volunteered during the call)
  6. Next Steps: Discussion paper on Modifying gTLD Consensus Policies
  7. Next Steps: Board letter regarding EPDP Phase 1 Recommendation 12 
  8. Potential Council next steps regarding DNS abuse
  9. Reminder, Council Strategic Planning Session starts on 9 November. Make sure to review preparatory materials in advance.
  10. AOB
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