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This agenda was established according to the GNSO Operating Procedures v3.5, updated on 24 October 2019

For convenience:

  • An excerpt of the ICANN Bylaws defining the voting thresholds is provided in Appendix 1 at the end of this agenda.
  • An excerpt from the Council Operating Procedures defining the absentee voting procedures is provided in Appendix 2 at the end of this agenda.

GNSO Council meeting held 06:00 UTC:

(Wednesday) 22:00 Los Angeles; (Thursday) 01:00 Washington DC; 06:00 London; 07:00 Paris; 09:00 Moscow; 17:00 Melbourne

GNSO Council Meeting Remote Participation:

Councilors should notify the GNSO Secretariat in advance if they will not be able to attend and/or need a dial out call.


Item 1: Administrative Matters (10 mins)

1.1 - Roll Call

1.2 - Updates to Statements of Interest

1.3 - Review / Amend Agenda

1.4 - Note the status of minutes for the previous Council meetings per the GNSO Operating Procedures:

Minutes of the GNSO Council meeting on 16 December 2021 were posted on 03 January 2022.

Minutes of the GNSO Council meeting on 20 January 2022 were posted on 03 February 2022.

Item 2: Opening Remarks / Review of Projects & Action List (5 minutes)

2.1 - Review focus areas and provide updates on specific key themes / topics, to include review of Projects List and Action Item List.

Item 3: Consent Agenda (5 minutes)

  • Motion to approve Chris Disspain to serve as the GNSO’s ICANN Fellowship Program mentor

Item 4: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Update on the Council Committee for Overseeing and Implementing Continuous Improvement (CCOICI) Pilot (20 Minutes)

Over the course of several months in 2021, the GNSO Council discussed how it could best approach the GNSO’s work that is focused on structural, procedural, and process improvements, and specifically not policy development. Notably, this work is impactful to the GNSO community more broadly, and not just the GNSO Council. Given concerns about workload and the efficacy of the approach to this portfolio of work, the GNSO Council resolved on 16 June 2021 to initiate the project as a pilot and to reevaluate after the conclusion of the pilot. The pilot consists of two areas of focus: a review of the Working Group Self-Assessment and a review of the GNSO Statements of Interest (SOI) requirements .

The CCOICI has been meeting since September 2021, first working on establishing the assignment form for the GNSO SOI Task Force. That Task Force has now been established and had its first  meeting on 7 February 2022. The Task Force is tasked with making recommendations to the CCOICI following its review of the existing SOI requirements. The CCOICI concentrated on its other assignment, a review of the Working Group Self-assessment requirements, starting in October 2021. The CCOICI is concluding its work (CCOICI Review of Working Group Self Assessment Requirements) on this assignment and will provide the Council with an overview of the proposed changes and next steps.

Here, the Council will receive an update on the CCOICI and consider any potential next steps.

4.1 – Update on CCOICI (Olga Cavalli, Chair of the CCOICI) Slide deck

4.2 – Council discussion

4.3 – Next steps


Item 5: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Update on GNSO Council Implementation of Workstream 2 (WS2) (20 Minutes)

While the CCOICI remains in pilot status, one of the projects originally envisioned to be part of the framework was the implementation of WS2 recommendations that are not SG/C specific. In 2020, the GNSO Council sought to better understand the specific items that it would be tasked to complete and performed an analysis (circulated on 20 January 2021) of the recommendations and considered which might result in tasks for the Council to complete. Since then, ICANN org has devoted additional staff resources to help assist the community to understand which recommendations may result in work for each of the respective Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees, and of particular interest to the GNSO, each of the Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies (which for the most part, are entirely separate from work the GNSO Council will undertake).

The Council received a brief update on WS2 from ICANN org during its September 2021 meeting. The Council will receive a more detailed update here, to better understand the level of progress it has already made via already completed work (e.g., the development of guidelines and templates to support the GNSO as a Decisional Participant in the Empowered Community) and the limited set of remaining WS2 tasks.

Here, in addition to getting further clarity on remaining items to implement WS2 at the GNSO Council level, the Council will discuss the best path forward to complete the remaining work (which could potentially include the CCOICI, based on its current trajectory of work).

5.1 – Update on the GNSO Council’s Implementation of WS2 (ICANN org staff) Slide deck

5.2 – Council discussion

5.3 – Next steps


Item 6: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - ICANN73 Planning (30 minutes)

With ICANN73 approaching, the GNSO Council will discuss its upcoming meetings, which includes a public Council meeting, a wrap-up meeting, and several bilateral meetings. The Council will first receive a brief update from GNSO Support staff, then proceed to prepare for its discussions with the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), the ICANN Board, and the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).

  • GAC - Anticipated topics are likely to include the Operational Design Phase (ODP) for the System for Systemized Access/Disclosure (SSAD, DNS abuse, and the ODP for New gTLD Subsequent Procedures (SubPro).
  • ICANN Board - The GNSO Council will discuss suggested topic(s) for discussion with the Board on 17 February. The Board has suggested the following topics:
    • What are your key priorities for ICANN work in 2022, how do these priorities help achieve ICANN’s common objectives as expressed in the FY 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, and how do you see Community, Board and org moving forward together on a way to achieve these?
    • If any, what suggestions would you have to enhance ICANN’s effectiveness and efficiency with regards to the process of implementation after adoption of a PDP or Review recommendations?
  • ALAC - Anticipated topics are the ODP on the SSAD, ODP on SubPro, DNS abuse, and Council priorities for 2022. Full list of topics submitted by ALAC

Here, the Council will prepare for ICANN73, including for its bilateral meetings .

6.1 – Introduction of topic (Council leadership)

6.2 – Council discussion

6.3 – Next steps


Item 7: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Status Update on Select Strategic Planning Session Action Items (10 Minutes)

The GNSO Council completed its fifth GNSO Council Strategic Planning Session (SPS), which took place in a virtual format in October and November 2021. The report from the SPS is available on the GNSO Master Calendar. In the Wrap up & Conclusion section of the report, there are a collection of focus areas and action items. While some of those action items represent ongoing adjustments in the way the Council fill function, others require specific activity. Council leadership would like to recognize and share some of the progress made on two of those action items.

  • Action Item 1: Council leadership to develop a first draft of a proposed “Council Commitments” for Council consideration.
  • Action Item 6: Council leadership to explore possibility to set up a regular informal Q & A session with ICANN CEO for GNSO Council, either as part of future SPS or intersessionally. / Action Item 12: To check on the progress of the implementation of these action items as well as allow for updates to be made, a post-SPS meeting will be scheduled in the 4-6 month timeframe after this meeting.
  • Action Item 11: Council leadership to set up an informal conversation with Becky and Matthew to obtain their feedback on the SPS discussions as well as their suggestions on how the Council can best engage with the ICANN Board on this topic. Following this conversation, Council leadership to put forward proposed next steps for Council consideration.

Here, the Council will review Action Items 1, 6, 11 and 12 from the SPS.

7.1 – Introduction of topic (Council leadership)

7.2 – Council discussion

7.3 – Next steps

Item 8: ANY OTHER BUSINESS (20 minutes)

8.1 – EPDP Phase 2 small team update

8.2 – DNS abuse small team update

8.3 – SubPro ODP Updateshared on 14 February. (SubPro ODP Timeline

8.4 - GNSO Chair 2022 Election Timeline 

8.5 - GNSO council Representative WS2 Community Coordination Group - Olga Cavalli


Appendix 1: GNSO Council Voting Thresholds (ICANN Bylaws, Article 11, Section 11.3(i))


Appendix 2: GNSO Council Absentee Voting Procedures (GNSO Operating Procedures, Section 4.4)


References for Coordinated Universal Time of 06:00 UTC

Local time between November and March Winter in the NORTHERN hemisphere


California, USA (PST) UTC-8 22:00 (Wednesday)

San José, Costa Rica (CST) UTC-4 02:00

New York/Washington DC, USA (EST) UTC-5 01:00

Buenos Aires, Argentina (ART) UTC-3 03:00

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (BRT) UTC-3 03:00

London, United Kingdom (GMT) UTC+0 06:00

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (WAT) UTC+1 07:00

Paris, France (CET) UTC+1 07:00

Moscow, Russia (MSK) UTC+3 09:00

Singapore (SGT) UTC+8 14:00

Melbourne, Australia (AEDT) UTC+11 17:00


DST starts/ends on Sunday 27 March 2022, 2:00 or 3:00 local time (with exceptions) for EU countries and on Sunday 13 March 2022 for the US.


For other places see and


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