Item 1: Administrative Matters 

Minutes of the GNSO Council meeting on 21 January 2021 were posted on 4 February 2021:

Minutes of the GNSO Council meeting on 18 February 2021 were posted on 4 February 2021:

Item 2: Opening Remarks / Review of Projects & Action List 

Projects List:

Action Items List: Action Items

Item 3: Consent Agenda 

Outputs from the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Recommendations Report:

Item 4: COUNCIL VOTE - IANA Naming Functions Contract Amendment 

IANA Naming Function Contract:

IANA Naming Function SOW:

IFR Final Report: Review Team Written Documents: (ex. Final Report)

ICANN Bylaws Article 18.6 (iv):

Public Comment:

IANA Naming Function Contract:

Letter from Co-chairs of the IANA Naming Function Review:

Root Opertations Audit Reports:


Item 5: COUNCIL VOTE - Charter for the Transfer Policy PDP 

GNSO Council resolution:

Final Report Annex A:

Pre-recorded webinar:

Transfer Policy PDP Charter:;!!PtGJab4!p6KBjEUAuRYjvvlTgQEGGyM-WpfuU9-CHRiDF2C7NSs6QrF2ZYBvKtM30L-EwggKgzEzx6CaCoa1$


Presentation Slide Deck

Item 6: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Nominating Committee Outreach Subcommittee Outreach 

Application process:

Deadline Extended:

Updated Criteria:

Presentation Slide Deck

Item 7: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Status Update Regarding EPDP Phase 2A 

Initiation of EPDP Phase 2A:

Presentation Slide Deck

Item 8: Council Discussion - Debrief on the Consultation with the ICANN Board on the Financial Sustainability of the SSAD 

Adoption of the Expedited Policy Development Process on the Temporary Specification Phase 2 Final Report:

Letter to ICANN Board from GNSO Council. October 29 2020:

Response from ICANN Board. 1 December 2020:

Response from GNSO Council 22 January 2021:

Consultation between the Board and GNSO Council. 22 February 2021:

Item 9: COUNCIL UPDATE - EPDP Phase 1 Rec 27 (Wave 1.5) 

EPDP Phase 1 Final Report:

Wave 1.5 Report:

Item 10: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Introduction to the Briefing Paper on Accuracy Requirements and Programs from ICANN’s Global Domains & Strategy (GDS) 

Letter from GNSO Council to ICANN Org. 4 November 2020:

Response from ICANN Org. 10 December 2020:

Briefing 26 February 2021:

Item 11: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - GNSO Council Consideration of SAC114 


Item 12: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - GNSO Framework for Continuous Improvement 


Draft Document:

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