Item 2. Opening Remarks / Review of Projects & Action List

Projects List:

Action Item List:


Item 3. Consent Agenda

3.1 – Confirmation of Continuation of James Bladel’s (GNSO Chair) Term as Interim GNSO Representative to the Empowered Community (EC) Administration

Motion for interim appointment of the GNSO Representative on the Empowered Community Administration (29 September 2016):

Motion to accept the report from the GNSO Bylaws Implementation Drafting Team and next steps (1 December 2016):

Item 4. COUNCIL VOTE – Approval of Final Report from the WHOIS Conflict with National Laws Procedure Implementation Advisory Group

GNSO’s Policy on WHOIS Conflicts with National Laws (18 January 2016):

Final Report of the Implementation Advisory Group review of existing ICANN Procedure for Handling Whois Conflicts with Privacy Laws (26 May 2016):

Email from James Bladel to the GNSO Council with draft motion to confirm that modifications to the procedure for WHOIS conflicts with local law (6 February 2017):

Motion to confirm that modification to procedure that implements the Whois conflicts with privacy law policy recommendation is consistent with the intent of the policy recommendation:

Item 5. COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Proposal to Limit the Scope of the Upcoming Third Accountability and Transparency Review

Email from the co-chairs of the CCWG-Accountability proposing a limited scope for the third review of ICANN’s mechanisms for ensuring accountability and transparency (ATRT-3) (2 December 2016):

Email from the co-chairs of the CCWG-Accountability to all ICANN SOs and ACs with a second request for input on the proposal (25 January 2017):


Item 6. COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Proposed Charter for a GNSO Standing Selection Committee for Selection of GNSO Representatives/Nominees to Future Review Teams and Other ICANN Structures

Draft document proposing a set of criteria and a uniform process for the selection of GNSO representatives to future Review Teams (13 December 2016):

Proposed Charter to create a GNSO Standing Selection Committee to conduct future selections (6 February 2017):

Item 7: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Selection of GNSO Nominees for the Second Registration Directory Service (formerly WHOIS) Review Team

Call for volunteers for the second Registration Directory Service (RDS) Review Team (28 October 2016):

List of applications received for the RDS Review Team:

Item 8: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Appointment of New GNSO Co-Chair for the Cross Community Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds

Appointment of GNSO Members and GNSO Co-Chair to the New Cross Community Working Group for New gTLD Auction Proceeds (15 December 2016):

Email from Jonathan Robinson informing the CCWG and the Council that he will be stepping down as GNSO co-chair, and requesting that the Council appoint a successor as soon as is reasonably possible (9 February 2017):

Item 9: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Preparation for Joint Meetings at ICANN58

Draft list of topics for meetings at ICANN58 with the ICANN Board, Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), and ccNSO Council (circulated to the Council on 10 February 2017):


Item 10: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Finalizing the GNSO Meeting Schedule for ICANN58

Draft ICANN block meeting schedule for ICANN58 (17 January 2017):

Draft GNSO block meeting schedule for ICANN58 (12 February 2017):

Item 11: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Proposed Council Request in Relation to Letter from Thick WHOIS Implementation Review Team

Letter from the Thick WHOIS Implementation Review Team (IRT) to the GNSO Council describing privacy law developments and how the IRT has considered them (15 December 2016):

Proposed Implementation of GNSO Thick RDDS (Whois) Transition Policy for .COM, .NET, and .JOBs, published for public comment (26 October 2016):

Draft Council request drafted by Erika Mann and Michele Neylon for an update on the legal review that had been done previously (2 February 2017):

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