ICANN70 – CPH DNS Abuse Work Group Community Outreach

DATE:  Monday, 22 March 2021

TIME: 10:30 - 12:00

ROOM: Zoom 4 (GNSO)


Members of the Contracted Party House DNS Abuse working group invite the
community through a question and answer session to discuss the direction
and intent of the working group.  Both the registries and registrars
will give a brief update on the work they have done, work in progress,
and future work.  We will then look to the community to bring questions
to us, comments and suggestions for consideration, and for responses to
the following three questions.

1.) What information do you use and how do you use it to assess DNS
Abuse levels?

2.) What are your concerns regarding DNS Abuse?

3.) Are you seeing practices from registrars or registries you find

In this discussion we will rely on the Contract Party House agreed
definition of DNS Abuse:

DNS Abuse ​is composed of five broad categories of harmful activity
insofar as they intersect with the DNS: malware, botnets, phishing,
pharming, and spam when it serves as a delivery mechanism for the other
forms of DNS Abuse.

A detailed explanation of this definition can be found here:


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