BC Meeting Agenda – Tuesday March 13th 2012 - Costa Rica 

Time: 1:30 - 4:30pm

Note: time slots not final.

  1. Vanda Scartezini & Rob Hall (Nom Com Chair and Chair Elect) + BC Nom Com Reps: 30mins
  2. Discussion of policy topics requiring BC member decisions on site (TBD) Steve DelBianco/Zahid Jamil/John Berard: 45mins 
  3. BC Comments on WHOIS RT Report - Discussion: Elisa Cooper: 20mins 
  4. SSR RT Report Discussion – Jeff Brueggeman: 20mins 
  5. SSAC Chair Invited: 20mins
  6. Outreach/Participation: 15mins
  7. CEO Search: 10mins
  8. Process for Charter Changes: 15mins

Adjourn to Attend GAC/Board discussion in Orquideas

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