Instructions for Secretariat: 

Step 1: Enter the GNSO Council meeting date text block below (e.g, 1 August 2013). As soon as you hit <Enter> your page will automatically be created with the prefix "GNSO Council Attendance-". 

Error rendering macro 'add-page-form'

For input string: "Page named 'IGM Nov 2013-Oct 2014' is not accessible."

Step 2Click <Save> at the bottom of the next page immediately, but DO NOT attempt to enter any information into the fields at this time. 

Step 3Now that your new page has been created, click <Edit Contents> on the top of menu bar (please DO NOT click <Edit>). 

Step 4When you are finished, remember to <Save> the page (see bottom of the screen).

  • IMPORTANT: You will see an error message in the Percent column alerting that the {eval-data} macro expression cannot be evaluated. You may IGNORE this warning. As soon as you enter the data and hit the <Save> button, the expressions evaluate properly and the errors disappear! I hope that, in a future Scaffolding version, this problem will be fixed; but, for now, it is only a nuisance and does not affect the operation of the template.
  • Finally, don’t forget to <Save> your page when finished entering the attendance data. (Note: as before, it may help you to either print out the prior meeting report or open it in another window/tab, so that you can easily see the prior cumulative totals).

Immediately following the last formal session of each Council, please ask the Administrator to complete the following actions:

  1. Create the next Year folder (e.g., IGM Nov 2013-Oct 2014)
  2. Revise the macro on the Attendance Logs page so that all new pages will be placed in that next year folder automatically.
  3. Update the template to (a) change the Term/Year indicator for each Councilor who is remaining, and (b) add any newly elected Councilors.
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