Dear Community Leaders,

The purpose of this communication is to transmit the FY16 Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP) Administrator’s Summary Report highlighting the processes and outcomes for our third full cycle, which closed effective 30 June 2016.

We wanted to ensure  that all of our program veterans as well as new participants had access to this informative summary of last year’s program operations. The report contains four sections including:

  • 1-Executive Summary
  • 2-Pilot Program Background and Overview
  • 3-Results and Outcomes
  • 4-Program Review


The report is intended to be an exhaustive analysis of the program which can either be read or downloaded (PDF) via the ICANN Community Wiki at: CROPP Administrator's Summary Report (FY16)

Below are a few key results we would like to highlight:

  • The program achieved 68% of its original plan meaning that, of the 50 budgeted travel allocations, 34 individual travelers completed 21 trip events. Although slightly lower than FY15’s achievement level (76%), it is still a remarkable result indicating considerable interest in the program that, we hope, reflects substantive value to each of your communities.
  • The At-Large RALOs confirmed 20 travelers (80%); the GNSO Constituencies approved 14 (56%). (Note: The Business Constituency selected an engagement event which, for reporting purposes, is counted as 5 travelers).
  • Of the eight (8) operational ICANN regions identified for CROPP, trip events (21) occurred in 5 of those regions.

As reflected in the attached report, CROPP-FY16 is considered to have been a successful year for the program - both in terms of quantitative and qualitative accomplishments. We would welcome any insights or feedback you have about the program’s results or the report's format and substance.


We encourage additional dialogue, input, and ideas from all of you as to how we can continue to improve and maximize CROPP’s utilization for your community outreach and engagement efforts.

Kind regards,

Rob Hoggarth, Janice Douma Lange, and Benedetta Rossi

CROPP Program Administrators


Benedetta Rossi | Policy & Community Engagement Analyst | +33.610.38.27.02

ICANN | Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers



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