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Strategy Status 

In order to take advantage of CROPP deliverables in FY16, an Outreach Strategic Plan must be completed, approved internally within the structure/organization, and concurred by the applicable Regional Stakeholder V.P. team no later than 30 September 2015.

Person Completing Form:Dev Anand Teelucksingh

Outreach Strategy

Outreach Plan
Description and

As repeatedly stated before, pro-active Outreach is primarily a question of capacities and (financial) resources. Lacking both, EURALO had to concentrate on few events in our region and over the years where EURALO members were actively involved or participated anyhow. Therefore EURALO concentrated its related activities on:

  • the annual EuroDIG events all over Europe since 2008 (incl. two EURALO GAs in 2011 and 2012);  
  • the annual ICANN Studienkreis meetings in Europe (for what we repeatedly asked ICANN support -- in vain); 
  • the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG) in Meissen/Germany where several members are involved;  
  • some of our members are actively involved in national IGF initiatives (Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and Ukraine); 
  • inviting and supporting up to 5 members or potential candidates to attend EuroDIG meetings (Berlin 2014 and Sofia 2015) via CROPP. 

These Outreach opportunities were always used for identifying potential new members (ALSes or individuals), discussions about EURALO and its role and to attract new people. In many cases we spoke to potential candidates, distributed EURALO flyers (the combination only is useful) and encouraged them to participate. In very few cases only we were successful when such candidates submitted an application form afterwards or stayed in contact with us.

We are well aware that there are many more events and Outreach opportunities in the region every year but we had / have to deal with our limited capacities. And not every EURALO member has properly understood so far that Outreach is not only a regular task for the leadership but should be a commitment for everyone.

While analyzing and discussing our impact or limits with various parties, we realized that a better coordination of related efforts is needed. One major progress may be our regular consultations and discussion with Jean-Jacques Sahel, VP Stakeholder Engagement for Europe and based in Brussels. Any new Outreach strategy (justifying this term) for the region must be closely discussed, coordinated and implemented with Jean-Jacques Sahel to strengthen our efforts and to optimize the limited resources.

This process has well started during the last ICANN meetings (London, LA, Singapore and BA) and EuroDIG events but need to be intensified. EURALO’s next General Assembly in Dublin in October 2015 offers a next opportunity to continue our discussions on how to reach-out and better include civil society structures all over Europe. A next opportunity or challenge for coordinated efforts ahead may be re:publica 2016 in early summer in Berlin/Germany what became the biggest conference and fair on Internet politics in Europe with over 7’000 participants -- see:

In the course of such on-going discussions, thoughts, ideas and next steps with ICANN people in Brussels we will come up with a real and coordinated EURALO Strategy on Outreach and Engagement that really deserves the term *strategy*. So far it’s work in progress.

Date Submitted:28-Sep-2015
Community Confirmation Section

Note: To be completed by a Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) designated by this organization/structure.

The detailed Outreach Strategic Plan has been properly completed per CROPP requirements.YesDev Anand Teelucksingh01-Oct-2015
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized this Outreach Strategic Plan. YesDev Anand Teelucksingh29-Sep-2015
The Outreach Strategic Plan has been concurred by the Stakeholder Engagement V.P.YesDev Anand Teelucksingh01-Aug-2015

CROPP RALO Outreach Strategic Plan Template v2 (Jun 2015)

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