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Strategy Status 

In order to take advantage of CROPP deliverables in FY16, an Outreach Strategic Plan must be completed, approved internally within the structure/organization, and concurred by the applicable Regional Stakeholder V.P. team no later than 30 September 2015.

Person Completing Form:Daniel K. Nanghaka

Outreach Strategy

Outreach Plan
Description and

To enhance outreach and engagement AFRALO members will be able to participate in regional events and explain ICANN’s structure and activities, and how Internet organizations’ can participate in the development of ICANN policies and activities.

Aim of the Strategy

AFRALO's outreach strategy focuses on getting ALSes from a certain number of territories without ALSes. An analysis of the Africa region was done by AFRALO - and it is noted that there are no ALSes in 32 out of 54 territories in the African region.  The goal of the strategy is to get ALSes from 3 countries at least.

AFRALO will be seeking to identify Internet Governance events in those countries without ALSes and/or regional IG events where possible organisations could meet key representatives of potential organisations represented at the different fora which streamlines with the need to encourage them to become ALSes.

AFRALO will be maintaining a list of outreach events at to track possible Internet Governance (IG) events in those territories without ALSes and regional IG fora events where persons/and or possible ALSes from those territories are likely to attend.

ICANN for University and Academic Institutions

AFRALO, in coordination with GSE and ALSes will identify a university or Academic Institutions in two territories in Africa to:

-  seek to get persons and/or organisations at such Universities to be involved in At-Large

-  share and disseminate information about ICANN and ICANN At-Large to the student communities at such Universities.

Target Event 

Africa Internet Summit 2016 - Gaborone - Botswana 

Date: 29 May - 10 June 2016

This will be held in Gaborone. The AFRALO Outreach Team will attend the AIS Summit and conduct meetings with key stakeholders to initiate a process to set up an ALS in Botswana. Current Botswana has an ccNSO but has no ALS. This is a great opportunity to build the ALS community in Africa.

Date Submitted:15-Sep-2015
Community Confirmation Section

Note: To be completed by a Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) designated by this organization/structure.

The detailed Outreach Strategic Plan has been properly completed per CROPP requirements.YesDaniel Khauka Nanghaka30-Sep-2015
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized this Outreach Strategic Plan. YesDaniel Khauka Nanghaka21-Sep-2015Approved by the AFRALO members
The Outreach Strategic Plan has been concurred by the Stakeholder Engagement V.P.YesPierre Dandjinou30-Sep-2015

CROPP RALO Outreach Strategic Plan Template v2 (Jun 2015)

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