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This section contains an overview of the ccNSO Triage Committee meetings, including materials used during the meetings, and meeting recordings. Go to the menu bar on the left, and select the meeting date. 


ccNSO Triage Committee


The role of the Triage committee involves the following three principal activities:

A. Monitor and report on progress Monitor existing ccNSO work streams and commitments against deliverable dates and milestones and to report to the ccNSO Council periodically.

B. Triage incoming work requests To document incoming requests and advise the ccNSO Council as to actions to the taken; and

C. Lead the ccNSO planning work To monitor the pipeline to upcoming future initiatives and inform the ccNSO Council as to any resource and planning requirements in order that ccNSO business may be conducted in a timely and professional manner. This includes the strategic and annual work plans.

The Committee is comprised by three ccNSO Councillors.

Start Date

Responses to requests for input have been recorded on the ccNSO website since 2013. See:
The Committee started to have meetings in 2021.

End Date

Not defined

More info

ccNSO website:

IGLC wiki space: 


Jordan Carter (.au) acts as Chair. The charter (adopted by Council in April 2022) does not mention the role of a Committee chair.

Deliverables to date

Future deliverables

  • Prioritisation method for Council Workplan
  • Quarterly workplans

Working Method

The group meets through telephone conferences, and potentially in face-to-face meetings during the ICANN meetings. However, most work is done online.

Meeting frequency

quarterly and on a need-basis

Relevant documents

Charter & members:

Current members

Charter & members:

Expertise and expected time commitment of the members

prioritisation, workload balancing, member of the ccNSO Council

How to join

This committee consists of ccNSO Councillors. New members need to be appointed by the ccNSO Council.

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