The goal of the working group (WG) is to report on and recommend a policy for a review mechanism with respect to decisions pertaining to the delegation, transfer, revocation and retirement of the delegated Top Level Domains associated with the country codes assigned to countries and territories listed in the ISO 3166-1 and within the framework of the ccNSO Policy Development Process.


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Issue report


Francis Alaneme
Sean Copeland
Irina Danelia
Rocio de la Fuente
Stephen Deerhake (Chair)
Jannett Ibañez
Anna Karakhanyan
Peter Koch
Eberhard Lisse (Vice Chair)
Svetlana Lobanova
Allen MacGillivray
Angela Matlapeng
Bonnie Mtengwa
Jean Nahum Constant
Adenike Ore
Nigel Roberts
Alireza Saleh
Maarten Simon
Mirjana Tasić
Svitlana Tkachenko
Nick Wenban-Smith
Patricio Poblete

 *SOIs have been linked if an individual has one on file or if their individual SOAC requires one.


Nenad Orlic
Barrack Otieno
Vanda Scartezini - At Large
Belaid Mouar - GAC
Mzia Gogilashvili - GAC

Observers and Experts:

Kim Davies - PTI
Naela Sarras - PTI
Selina Harrington - PTI
Katrina Sataki - ccNSO Council

ISO3166 Expert:

Jaap Akkerhuis

Staff Support:

Bart Boswinkel
Bernard Turcotte
Kimberly Carlson
Joke Braeken

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