Members: Nigel Roberts, Eberhard Lisse, Svitlana Tkachenko, Patricio Poblete, Barbara Povse, Garth Miller, Martin Boyle, Abibu Ntahigiye, Mirjana Tasic, Nick Wenban-Smith, 

Participants: Michele Neylon, Maureen Hilyard, Marita Moll, 

Observers and experts:  Kim Davies, Jaap Akkerhuis

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Joke Braeken, Maria Otanes

Apologies:  Annebeth Lange, Allan MacGillivray, Peter Van Roste, Elise Gerich


1. Welcome and roll call
2. House Rules for the WG meetings
3. Public comment period closure and GAC opinion (update)
4. Rules ISO 3166 with respect to assignment and deletion of names
5. Topic list retirement: additional topics to be included?
6. AOB
7. Next meetings



Session Transcript:  EN

Chat transcript:

Maria Otanes: Welcome to the ccPDP Working Group on Retirement meeting on 20 July at 12:00 UTC

Maria Otanes: hi Nigel, welcome

Nigel Roberts: hello everybody

Nigel Roberts: Maria, can you arrange a call out to +44 20 7100 4319 please.

Nigel Roberts: I dialled in, but the system wouldn't accept the 5258

Maria Otanes: no problem. dialing out to you now

el: I tried twince and went in on the second try

Nigel Roberts: I have two calls!

Kim Davies: Howdy

el: And I use SIP via one of the toll free numbers. That seems to work better that the Adobe Connect

el: Hi Kim.

Maria Otanes: hi Kim, welcome

Michele Neylon: afternoon

Bart Boswinkel: Hi All

Svitlana Tkachenko, .UA: Hello all!

Garth MIller: Hi

Martin Boyle: I can't connect audio via AC

Michele Neylon: the dial in seems to be the sanest option

Abibu: hello all

Michele Neylon: Elise said she'd be on a plane I think

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Greetings all.

Martin Boyle: Can I only get audio via dial-in?

Maria Otanes: @Martin, you should be able to get audio via Adobe Connect as well. will private chat you

Kim Davies: You can only listen via Adobe Connect. If you wish to speak I believe you have to be on the phone.

el: I forgot the muting

Stephen Deerhake (.as): +1@el and Michele

Michele Neylon: is there a link??

el: Hang on

Kim Davies: Google for "Nigel Roberts' Rules of Order" ;-)


el: We will read everything twice during calls

el: as previously suggested

Joke Braeken: absolutely, will make a note of it

jaap akkerhuis: Finally got sund & mike

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Can we get Frank Marsh out of retirement? ;-)

Mirjana Tasic .rs: Sorry I am late

Maria Otanes: document is scrollable

Michele Neylon: his line isn't very good

Michele Neylon: hard to hear him

Kim Davies: Note that what was called "ISO 3166" in 1994 is called "ISO 3166-1" today

Michele Neylon: ok all I'm getting now is noise

Maureen Hilyard: musical interude

jaap akkerhuis: I can try to find out which version was active at the time of writing 1591

Svitlana Tkachenko, .UA: The sound is very bad :(

Mirjana Tasic .rs: No sound at all

jaap akkerhuis: Some versions had some parts of the reserved names in it as well

Martin Boyle: silence via adobe connect

el: We need to get a copy of the ISO 3166 for each member of the group

Abibu: audio breaking!

Martin Boyle: is there an example of reserving names, please?

Kim Davies: It was.

Bart Boswinkel: My understanding is that the rule

el: much better

Bart Boswinkel: That i swhat I meant with differnc ein terminology

Mirjana Tasic .rs: CS for Serbia and Montenegro was a little bit earlier 2002_

el: Mirjana, the exact year doesn't really matter as we are looking towards future cases

Mirjana Tasic .rs: thank el I will be still

el: No, please don't :-)-O

Danko Jevtovic: Sorry I am late, trafic :(

Abibu: no audio!!!!

Maria Otanes: @Abibu, will private chat you

Mirjana Tasic .rs: It is very important not to have clear situation how ISO is working, I agree

Maureen Hilyard: @Abibu - I had to reboot AC

el: of the Standard

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Withdrew hand; El made my point regarding terminology.

Kim Davies:

Kim Davies: IANA called it a revocation

el: thanks

Patricio Poblete 2: The FOI report in several places equates "revocation" to "unconsented redelegation"

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Can we do what we did informally with the FoI-WG?

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Exactlly.

el: I have no position, I wanted to raise it to membership

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Would a Doodle poll be useful for this question?

el: do it on the email list

Stephen Deerhake (.as): Bye all!

Michele Neylon: bye all

Mirjana Tasic .rs: Bye

Svitlana Tkachenko, .UA: Bye

Danko Jevtovic: bye all, thaks

Martin Boyle: thanks & bye

Bart Boswinkel: Bye all

jaap akkerhuis: bye

Nick WS: bye

Garth MIller: bye

Barbara Povse: bye

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