Members:  Stephen Deerhake, Eberhard Lisse, Nenad Orlic, Martin Boyle, Debbie Monahan, Peter Koch, Garth Miller, Barrack Otieno


Observers and experts: 

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, 

Apologies: Peter Van Roste, Allan MacGillivray, Michele Neylon, Jaap Akkerhuis, Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, Patricio Poblete


1. Welcome & Roll Call
2. Action Items

  • 2.1 Document Scenario 2 to be revised: completed & circulated
  • 2.2 All comments on working method document
  • 2.3 Secretariat to send out proposals to mailing list (based on 6 hours and 8 hours rotation scheme) to avoid the 01.00 (am) UTC calls. To be completed by San Juan meeting.

3. Scenario 2: second reading
4. Overall Work Plan: second reading
5. Initiating discussion Comparative Analysis
6. AOB
7. Next meetings:

  • 7.1 22 February 2018, 09.00 (AM) UTC
  • 7.2 15 March 2018, face-to face meeting San Juan, Puerto Rico (09.00 - noon local time)



Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Welcome to today's ccPDP on Retirement Working Group on 8 Feb @01:00 UTC
Bart Boswinkel:Hi Stephen
Stephen Deerhake:Greeetings Bart.
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Mornin' all
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Apologies from Nick
Kimberly Carlson:Hi all, welcome
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):Morning everyone
Bart Boswinkel:Nenad's note: I propose to insert following text between lines 157 and 158:...........................................One consequence of .yu ccTLD retirement was noticeable drop in traffic volume on websites that transitioned from .yu to .rs domain. This was result of inbound links that became defunct and delisting already indexed pages on search engines. It is fair to assume that impact on website traffic in case of ccTLD retirement/transition would be even greater today, because age of domain name became important factor in search engines ranking algorithms.Another consequence of .yu ccTLD retirement is that some owners of .yu domains were left without option to transition to .rs domain, which included popular websites and ISP. This was because of list of reserved domain names for RNIDS and list of reserved domain names for State. For example, first list included all variants of 'email' under .rs domain space in disregard to existence of popular '' free email service, which had to shut down in r
Martin Boyle, Nominet:Is someone typing with a partly submerged keyboard?
Stephen Deerhake:Apologies from Nigel apparently.., He just pitched up at home after a long journey back from CENTR meeting.
Peter Koch (DE):Good Morning!
Kimberly Carlson:Thanks Stephen
el:can you make this scollable, please
Kimberly Carlson:done
el:Thnak you
Kimberly Carlson:doc is scrollable
Stephen Deerhake:Yes Nenad, a side document would be useful in my view.
Stephen Deerhake:Nenad, please mute.
Peter Koch (DE):I think the first issue is an example of lack of 'persisteance' of identifiers based on ccTLD codes; the second issue i'm not sure is an immediate consequence of the retirement
Peter Koch (DE):'persistence', that is, sorry
Stephen Deerhake:Thank you Nenad. This is important. It needs to be part of the record, but can we get reference to your sources?
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):If they are credible and can add value to our process , i dont mind having them
Nenad Orlić:im done
Nenad Orlić::)
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):+ 1 El
Nenad Orlić:ok
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):I am happy with the document
Stephen Deerhake:Happy with it.
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):in its current state as well
Debbie Monahan:yes, happy with it
Stephen Deerhake:Perhaps it needs a short intro section on terminology with regards to how the ISO standard is sectioned...
Stephen Deerhake:What does line 28 mean?
Peter Koch (DE):I support tht question - no idea
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):Can we add review on line 21?
Peter Koch (DE):whikle at it: line 27, either drop 'are' or add a 'that' after 'events'
el:I took the document that Bart sent to the list earlier and did not change in as far as content is concerned.
el:I just kerned it.
Martin Boyle, Nominet:ok
Peter Koch (DE):line 69 follows the same logic as line 42
Peter Koch (DE):audio's breaking up here ...
Nenad Orlić:yes it sounds like singing :)
el:am back
Peter Koch (DE):i've lost my audio
Kimberly Carlson:@Peter, you may have to reconnect your AC
Peter Koch (DE):thanks, Kim, I'm back
Bart Boswinkel:Nenad could you mut eplease?
Nenad Orlić:i did mute
el:and take your hand down if old
Stephen Deerhake:agree with you Peter.
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):I agree with you El
Nenad Orlić:exactly
Stephen Deerhake:Nenad: Who prevails? the ccTLD that says, "no we will not turn off the domain!" or ICANN Board, who says "Turn it off!"?
Nenad Orlić:but in .yu case, RNIDS shutdown its own DNS before .yu was deleted from root zone
Nenad Orlić:In the end, ICANN board, but that is my point
Nenad Orlić:that it is not clear
Nenad Orlić:it WAS NOT clear when we retired .yu
Nenad Orlić:nobody knew to anwser question: how do we turn off domain and who need to do it
Nenad Orlić:we only had board decision 'domain will be retired on that date'
el:timeframe is for the policy we make
Stephen Deerhake:So basically you took the ICANN Board decision as "law" and went ahead and followed their directive? I would argue that it's up to the ccTLD, following RFC1591 and the FoI, to make that decision...
Nenad Orlić:we did what we thought that icann board decision means
Nenad Orlić:we never got 'turn of your dns on that date'
Nenad Orlić:or 'put expiry date on domains on that date'
Nenad Orlić:or...
Peter Koch (DE):again, while relevant to the SU case, 'exceptionally reserved' is not a 'state' we can rely on; there's no guarantee this will last forever
Stephen Deerhake:But nonetheless Nenad, I get a big wiff of "we were intimidated" by what ICANN was demanding of us... (This can be taken off-line...)
Peter Koch (DE):yes, pls share the scheme and the propsed dates to the list; with March approaching, we'll have DST change ahead depending on hemisphere
Nenad Orlić:It seems i can't make my point properly :)
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):none from me
Stephen Deerhake:Nenad -- I'd love to discuss this with you... Will email shortly.
Bart Boswinkel:Bye all
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you all, bye
Nenad Orlić:bye all
Barrack Otieno (AFTLD):Have a great day everyone goodday/night
Stephen Deerhake:Bye all.
Nenad Orlić:ok

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