The purpose of the online repository is to provide an information source created for and made available to ccTLD Managers. Content includes information relevant to the topic of DNS abuse that would be useful for such managers to identify, understand, and/or plan to take action with respect to such abuse that they may encounter.

Acceptable content

Content published on the repository must be related to DNS Abuse and relevant for ccTLDs, including, but not limited to: ccTLDs, registries/registrars, best practices, definitions

Acceptable content format: pdf, .doc, ppt, links to publications (reviewable by content board).

All contributions are welcome; however, they must observe the privacy preferences of others.

Main Categories:

  • Presentations & Reports (identifying the source or event)
  • Tools
  • Definitions / Policies
  • Articles/Commentaries

How to submit content:

Email content to 

What to include:

  • Your name:
  • Category (presentations/reports, tools, definitions/policies, articles/commentaries:
  • Short summary (why is this relevant/why should this be included)
  • Source:
  • <Include any attachments>
  • Link to presentation:


Once you’ve submitted the content, the editorial board will do the following:

  1. Review the content to ensure it meets the acceptable content requirements
  2. The board will determine the content’s usefulness and relevance.
  3. If the content meets the above criteria, the board will “accept” the content and request support to add it to the repository/library (
  4. The review process usually takes 14-20 working days.
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