Members:  Abibu Ntahigiye, Allan MacGillivray, Annebeth Lange, Barbara Povse, Barrack Otieno, Danko Jevtovic, Debbie Monahan, Eberhard Lisse, Nick Wenban-Smith, Peter Koch, Peter Van Roste, Stephen Deerhake, Svitlana Tkachenko

Participants: Theo Geurts

Observers and experts:  Kim Davies, Naela Sarras

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, Joke Braeken

Apologies:  Martin Boyle, Marita Moll, Patricio Poblete, Maureen Hilyard


• Welcome and roll call
• Update action items
o Availability ISO 3166 – 1 (2013)
o Feed-back all internal rules of engagement
• Second, final reading internal rules of engagement.
• Issues associated with retirement of ccTLDs from an IANA Function Operators perspective
• Topic list and work plan
• Next meeting: 14 August noon UTC.
• Adjourn



Transcript: EN

Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Welcome to today's ccPDP working Group on Retirement - 31 August @06:00 UTC
Nigel Roberts:Good morning.
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Nigel, not quite morning for me
Nigel Roberts:Morning Joke. .
Joke Braeken:Good morning Nigel
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All
abibu (.tz):good mornng, 09.00 am local time in TZ.
Kimberly Carlson:Hello all, welcome
Debbie Monahan:I'm not used to this - a 6pm call.....used to the late night or early morning :)
Peter Koch (DE):good morning!
el:We share your pain :-)-O
Joke Braeken:hello all
Allan MacGillivray:Good morning to everyone and good evening to Debbie.
Svitlana Tkachenko:Good morning!
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Stephen, Svitlana and Peter - will note your attendance
el:any Member
Danko Jevtovic:Big thanks to Jap!
abibu (.tz):great clarification Bart.
Kimberly Carlson:Members and participants listed on the wiki:
Kimberly Carlson:Doc is scrollable
abibu (.tz):i second
Stephen Deerhake:Nice kerning in this document... ;-)
Barrack Otieno:In favour of the document
el:can you make this document movable, please
Stephen Deerhake:That works for me... at 02:10h. ;-)
Bart Boswinkel:It is scrollable
Bart Boswinkel:AS Kimbeley has indicated a the start of thissession, the presnetation will be transcribed
Allan MacGillivray:I note that the document is also downloadable.
el:can everybody but Kim mute please, I get background noise
Nigel Roberts:like .DD
Nigel Roberts:(which of course never existed in the root)
Stephen Deerhake:Thank you for that explanation, Kim.
el:who decided to remove Transtionally Reserved List from the eligibility?
Bart Boswinkel:Please note this may also have impact on IDNccTLDs
el:But there is (fast track)Policy for IDNs?
Peter Koch (DE):Do we have clarity to what extent IDN ccTLDs are in scope for the WG?
el:we are mixing what is to happen with a code with selection of a new manager
Bart Boswinkel:Yes. the fast track and future policy are about the seelction of IDNccTLD strings. For delegation, transfer etc. they ar econsidered ( ASCII, two-letter )ccTLDs.
Bart Boswinkel:If you look at the slection criteria, the string has to refer to a country or territory listed ion ISO 3166-1
el:are they tied one-to-one to an ASCII ccTLD?
Bart Boswinkel:Not in the sense that hey have to be managed by the same entity
el:no but in the sense that their name would change if the ASCII one changed, or be removed if the ASCII one be removed?
Bart Boswinkel:They ar enot linked to the tw-letter code, they are linked to listing on the ISO 3166 list
Peter Koch (DE):this side conversation should inform an item for agenda item 5
Nigel Roberts:I'll call upon you then?
Peter Koch (DE):i'll have to leave at the top of the hour; other than that, you're welcome;-)
Kim Davies:el: This whole section was about areas where assessing transfers are impacted, not in general
Stephen Deerhake:Yes, thank you Kim for this.
el:very helpful document
Debbie Monahan:yes, was good thanks Kim
Barrack Otieno:Should we mentioned process explicitly? multistakeholder?
Stephen Deerhake:I presume we'll be able to download/print Kim's document for further study?
Barbara Povse:thank you, great doc
Bart Boswinkel:@ Stephen yes
el:Kim Calrson, can you email this to the list?
Danko Jevtovic:Thanks Kim, very comprehensive list
Svitlana Tkachenko:Yes, please share Kim's document
Kimberly Carlson:yes, its also available on the wiki -
Svitlana Tkachenko:Thank you, Kimberly!
Kim Davies:And sorry the documents isnt better structured etc. It is literally my personal brainstorming notes, didn't get a chance to convert it into something fuller
Stephen Deerhake:No problem Kim. It's very usefull and easily re-formatted...
Barbara Povse:Bye everyone, have to leave for another meeting.
Barrack Otieno:Document is usefull Kim
Stephen Deerhake:Conference call Bingo!
Barrack Otieno:Has IS 3166-1 ever been updated?
Peter Koch (DE):both the list of codes as well as the standard have been updated
Barrack Otieno:any idea Peter when this was done, i am involved in ISO standards developement and would be curious to follow up on this
Kim Davies:yes zr became cd
Kim Davies:and also tp was replaced with tl
Barrack Otieno:Normally we have noted that accompany the updates
Barrack Otieno:sorry notes
Peter Koch (DE):the current version ist 3166-1:2013 and as far as i am informed the responsible committee is working on another update, but we should ask Jaap who is patrt of the committee
el:It says "the recoded (sic) cases to date are:"
Peter Koch (DE):sending out the notes for code changes has been suspended
Barrack Otieno:great, i will get in touch with Jaap, thanks
Bart Boswinkel:I wil lhave an updated lis tof all cases
Stephen Deerhake:As a procedural matter, can we strive to get documents scheduled for presentation made available perhaps no sooner than 48hr prior to the meeting at which they are scheduled for presentation so we have a chance to review and prepare questions?
Barrack Otieno:Great thanks
Stephen Deerhake:s/sooner/later/
Bart Boswinkel:This document is the same one as shared
Bart Boswinkel:before
el:Read the standard
Stephen Deerhake:My bad then?
el:there is no reserved list
el:there is Transitionally Reserved and Exceptionally Reserved
Peter Koch (DE):thanks a lot, apologies for leaving
Nick Wenban-Smith:Just a thought, but I am finding it quite hard to both listen to the comments and questions and simultaneously read the documents on screen. (I am not a morning person)
Nick Wenban-Smith:Sorry I dont know why you can't hear me!
Nick Wenban-Smith:So what I am saying really is that it would be nice to have the docs circulated in advance of the call
Nick Wenban-Smith:these topics are really complicated and need some considered thought
Stephen Deerhake:.....
Stephen Deerhake:Just echoing Nick...
Bart Boswinkel:This document was circualted some time , should have included a reference in the propsoed agenda
abibu (.tz) 2:+1 Bart.
Theo Geurts:Thanks all
Bart Boswinkel:Bye all
Kim Davies:cheers
Danko Jevtovic 2:Thank you
Barrack Otieno:Thank you bye all
Naela Sarras:Thanks all
Nick Wenban-Smith:thanks
Kimberly Carlson:thank you all, bye
Stephen Deerhake:Good night/morning all!
Svitlana Tkachenko:thank you all
Joke Braeken:thank you all. Bye
Allan MacGillivray:Thanks everyone.
abibu (.tz) 2:14 august?????
Svitlana Tkachenko:Have a nice day
Stephen Deerhake:Thank you Joke and Kim.
abibu (.tz) 2:GOOD DAY ALL
Kimberly Carlson:Abibu, 14 Aug at !2:00 UTC
abibu (.tz) 2:sept.
Stephen Deerhake:And Bart.
Kimberly Carlson:September, correct
Kimberly Carlson:thank you Stephen
abibu (.tz) 2:ok. bye
Kimberly Carlson:bye
Joke Braeken:most welcome!

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