Members:  Nigel Roberts, Eberhard Lisse, Stephen Deerhake, Jaap Akkerhuis, Ann-Catherin Marcussen, Danko Jevtovic, Allan MacGillivray, Svitlana Tkachenko, Nick Wenban-Smith, Peter Van Roste, Mirjana Tasic, Patricio Poblete, Garth Miller, Barrack Otieno

Participants: Nenad Orlic, Maureen Hilyard, Vadim Mikhaylov

Observers and experts: Kim Davies 

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, (Mike Brennen - IT Support)

Apologies:  Peter Koch, Michele Neylon, Martin Boyle, Peter Vergote, Annebeth Lange, Debbie Monahan, Abibu Ntahigiye


  1. Welcome & roll call
  2. Action items
    1. Action 31 Aug -02: ISO 3166 standard for membership WG (closed)
    2. Action 2 November 2017: update glossary document & Scenario 1(see item 3 & 4))
  3. Glossary / Terminology document update & discussion
  4. Update change of name scenario & discussion
  5. Change of From Exceptionally Reserved to Transitionally Reserved first reading. 
  6. Revisit overall method: next steps 
  7. AOB
  8. Next meetings: 14 December 2017, 01.00 UTC; 11 January 2018, 09.00 UTC; 25 January 2018. 17.00 UTC
  9. Closure



Transcript:  EN

Chat transcript:

el:Hi, am dialling in now
Kimberly Carlson:Hello all, welcome!
Stephen Deerhake:Hi Kim!
Kimberly Carlson:Kim x2
Kim Davies:Howdy
Joke Braeken:hello everyone
Nenad Orlić:hi everyone
el:I can't hear Nigel
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):Hi Everyone
Stephen Deerhake:Much bertter Nigel.
Kimberly Carlson:Better now
Danko Jevtović:Hi everyone
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no:Good evening all!
Patricio Poblete:Hi everyone
Maureen Hilyard:Sorry I am late just finished another ICANN meeting
Kimberly Carlson:As a reminder, Barrack is on the audio bridge only
Stephen Deerhake:+1 on Eberhard's remarks.
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):I agree with EL about consistent use of a small number of agreed terms
Nenad Orlić:when will we consider terminology 'final'?
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no:I suppoert Eberharts suggestion
Svitlana Tkachenko:+ 1 Eberhard
el:I agree with Kim
el:gTLD Operators are gTLD Managers :-)-O
Stephen Deerhake:Thanks for the clarification Kim. I think we'll let you point out the differences as they occur then.
Nigel Roberts:Kim: Call them gTLD managers
Kim Davies:They are called registry operators by the GNSO
Nigel Roberts:Is the WHOIS going to reflect that terminology?
el:As long as we can agree on the principle
el:the document is not scrollable
el:I can only advance by page
Kimberly Carlson:can you try again? it is unsynced on our side
Nigel Roberts:I can scroll
Kimberly Carlson:there is a scroll bar on the right
Danko Jevtović:I dont see the scrolbar
el:no scroll bar on my scree only the bottom controls
Nigel Roberts:I have one
Nigel Roberts:Try refreshing ?
Stephen Deerhake:Nice piece of work Bart! Better organization to be sure.
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):Peter Koch isn't on the call today and it would be good to check he has no further comments
Stephen Deerhake:Perhaps an informal "second reading" might be in order for the next meeting?
el:That was my point a few weeks ago.
el:Change in Code Element is the trigger.
el:Cause of change to CE is irrelevant for us, even if it's usually interesting
Nigel Roberts:It's a level of indirection too far
el:Would it not be better to state the the Code Element was removed, istead of the Country Name?
Kim Davies:There is, we'll find it
Danko Jevtović:yes :), current material is ok
Danko Jevtović:yes El, the code element is the key
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):no further comment from me
Stephen Deerhake:+1 Nick.
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no:+ 1 Nick
Kim Davies:Don't forget to be mindful of impact on Fast Track IDNs, where the string is not the code element, but is a meaningful derivation of a country that is in ISO 3166-1.
jaap akkerhis:The AN eport seems to be included in th .CW repor:
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):sorry I don't speaker
Kimberly Carlson:Nick, i don't think your mic is active
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):the point I wanted to make was that these historic scenarios are important part of this work
Stephen Deerhake:Yes, they are Nick. Total agreement there.
el:Kim D, the IDN issue is a complation which we will need indeed to address, but perhaps later in the process.
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):but let's not get too hung up - the key is what's a good policy going forwards
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no:Agree with you Nick
Allan MacGillivray (.ca):+1 Nick
Stephen Deerhake:Perhaps we should have a separate "track" of work for handling the IDN issue?
el:Stephen, don't have tracks, please...
Stephen Deerhake:Was not proposing a CCWG like "formal track"...
el:Yo almost had me going ther :-0-O
Bart Boswinkel:I wil extract the defintions from the FAst rack an doverall policy
Bart Boswinkel:at least we have soemething
Bart Boswinkel:to chew on
Peter Van Roste (CENTR):yes
Maureen Hilyard:Yes we can
Stephen Deerhake:At some point we're going to have to engage in some serious word-smithing similar to what we did with FoI...
el:Stephen, that comes later :-)-O
el:First we should come up with something like Stawman Proposals?
el:Or, "What if" secnarios?
Barrack Otieno AFTLD:Yes we can
Nenad Orlić:i will contribute with material from .yu retirement process
Nenad Orlić:i think a lot can be learned from that historical example
Stephen Deerhake:Someone needs to mute...
Danko Jevtović::)
Nenad Orlić:have go out early
Nenad Orlić:by all
el:I actually like to use the "what worked in the past" approach.
Nigel Roberts:and its converse
el:who or what initates?
Danko Jevtović:no
Barrack Otieno AFTLD:None from me
Stephen Deerhake:I agree with El with respect to 6hr vs. current 8hr meeting time shift.
el:Currently 8 hours is fine, but if the time changes again, it can interfere 2 out of 3 with my day job
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):just being selfish but 8 hours is good for me
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet)::)
Allan MacGillivray (.ca):Good day, Good evening to all.
el:6 hours is better for me because then it's 1 in 4
Patricio Poblete:Good bye!
Danko Jevtović:thank you all
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you, bye
Peter Van Roste (CENTR):Bye everyone
Nick Wenban-Smith (Nominet):bye
Mirjana Tasic:Bye All
Stephen Deerhake:Bye all!
Maureen Hilyard:Bye
Ann-Cathrin Marcussen, .no:Bye all
Svitlana Tkachenko:thanx,
Barrack Otieno AFTLD:bye

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