Members:  Peter Koch, Stephen Deerhake, Debbie Monahan, Nick Wenban-Smity, Mirjan Tasic, Martin Boyle, Nigel Roberts, Peter Van Roste, ALln MacGillivray, Peter Vergote, Debbie Monahan, Patricio Poblete, Barbara Povse

Participants: Nenad Orlic, Michele Neylon, Maureen Hilyard

Observers and experts:  Naela Sarras, Elise Gerich, 

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson

Apologies:  Marita Moll, Svitlana Tkachenko, Kim Davies, Jaap Akkerhuis, Barrack Otieno


  1.   Welcome & roll call
  2. Action items
    1. Action 31 Aug -02: ISO 3166 standard for membership WG (ongoing)
    2. Action 31 Aug -03 Share Outline Presentation Kim Davies (completed)
  3. Work plan discussion: what are next steps?
  4. AOB
  5. Next meeting
  6. Closure



Transcript:  EN

Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello, welcome to today's ccPDP Working Group call on 28 September @18:00 UTC
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All
Nenad Orlić:hello everyone
el:Nigel is still working on dialling in
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Hi all
Martin Boyle:evening all
Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet:Hi
Joke Braeken:hello all
Debbie Monahan:good morning everyone
Nigel:I hope tyo be with you with audio shortly
Kimberly Carlson:Nigel, please let me know if you need a dial out
Nenad Orlić:lot of crackling noise :(
Peter Vergote (.be):Hi all
Bart Boswinkel:wiik dil in again
Peter Vergote (.be):Audio is not great
Nigel:losts of crackling here too
Nigel:it stopped
Nenad Orlić:yes it did
Nigel:allo good
Nenad Orlić:much better
Elise Gerich:I can hear you
Peter Vergote (.be):Hearing you clear Eberhard
el:Anyobody saying anything?
el:I hear nothing
Peter Koch (DE):QRN's gone, for the amateur radio enthusiasts
Debbie Monahan:I'm also not hearing anything
Danko Jevtović:el, you shold hear Nigel
el:I'll dial in again
Peter Koch (DE):;-)
Danko Jevtović:;)
Kimberly Carlson:sorry for the audio issues
Peter Vergote (.be):Much better!
el:Am back in
Nigel:Bart: if you can give me 10secs warning of finishing so I can unmute (which is slow on adigo)
Michele Neylon:Sorry - had to download the adobe plugin again
Nigel:Kim: Under AIB can you put up the document I sent out yesterday please? It's not up for discussion, it's just so that anyone who hasn't had chance to look at it can know what I'm talking about.
Nigel:AOB i mean
Stephen Deerhake:Michele, I'm having to do that periodically as well (download the plugin --very annoying)
Stephen Deerhake:yes
Nigel:My audio is not working via adigo. EL you are in the hot seat onw.
Nigel:We need to be a little cautions about numeric codes, it's proabbly a good idea to confer with Jaap.
Nigel:There are some strange things there. (Sark has one, for example)
el:Martin, we are only talking about TP or TL.
el:But, if during a pure renaming the 3 digits always remain the same, it would be helpful.
Nigel:I agree. I'm just cautioning that with all we've learned about the nature of the ISO sausage machine that might not be the case. It IS documented in ISO-3166-3 though with the four letter transition codes.
Nigel:See the document that Kim will put up later.
Martin Boyle:Ah, got it, thanks Eberghard
Nenad Orlić:there can always be issues :)
Martin Boyle:*Eberhard
el:Purely for descriptive purposes.
el:Has nothing to do with Retirement per se
Nigel:Bart: That's the AA suffix in the four letter tranition code
Stephen Deerhake:We can hear you Nigel.
Nigel:Thanks.. Eberhard can continue in the chair for the rest of the meeting.
Nigel:Are we going to keep to the 'soft stop' at 1900?
Nigel:But I can fully participate
el:ZR to CD and TP to TL are good cases to start
Stephen Deerhake:Yes
Stephen Deerhake:Agree that those two cases are the easiest.
Nigel:I would speak to the AOB item when we get through item 3
Debbie Monahan:agree
Nigel:See my agree ;-)
Stephen Deerhake:I agree
Peter Van Roste:Sounds good.
Peter Koch (DE):i still think this is reading tea leaves
Allan MacGillivray (.ca):Agree
Nigel:I can do along this
Elise Gerich:My apology - Kim is not on the call, and he has a large number of activities that may prevent this to be done for the next meeting.
Peter Koch (DE):el's breaking up on my audio
Stephen Deerhake:El, you are breaking up
Michele Neylon:audio is rather bad
Peter Van Roste:Very hard to hear.
Nenad Orlić:not audiable :(
Stephen Deerhake:Yes
Michele Neylon:I can hear I just can't understand
el:PTI will need to do this at least partially.
Bart Boswinkel:Yesd agree
Bart Boswinkel:They definetely nee dto check
Elise Gerich:Yes, you can reach out to us for some information as needed, and appreciate the consideration.
el:am back in
el:The idea is not second guessing, purely a timeline
Stephen Deerhake:That makes sense Bart.
Stephen Deerhake:Yes Bart
Peter Vergote (.be):yes Bart
Nigel:It's only for information on this call.
Stephen Deerhake:No questions from me.
Nigel:nothing to discuss today.
Danko Jevtović:no
Michele Neylon:I won't be attending that one
Kimberly Carlson:12 October 23:59 UTC
Martin Boyle:and me
Nigel:thanks for persisting everyone
Martin Boyle:and Friday 13
Stephen Deerhake:Thanks all.
Michele Neylon:thanks
Peter Vergote (.be):Bye all
Peter Van Roste:Bye everyone!
Nenad Orlić:bye
Danko Jevtović:thank YOU !
Joke Braeken:bye all
Mirjana Tasic .rs:Bye all
Patricio Poblete:bye
Kimberly Carlson:thank you bye
Maureen Hilyard:Bye all

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