Members:  Peter Koch, Alejandra Reynoso, Abdalmonem Galila, Suzanne Woolf, Page Howe, Jaap Akkerhuis

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Bernard Turcotte, Kim Carlson

Apologies:  Paul Hoffman


Welcome & Roll Call

2. Administrative Announcements (if any)

3. Action Items

            3.1 Staff to propose draft agenda for Kobe face to face meeting.

4. Review Revised Draft Report

5. Kobe

            5.1 Review agenda for Kobe meeting.

6. Next Steps

6.1 Distribution of draft report for comment to ccTLDs mentioned in report prior to Kobe.

            6.2 Informal public comment on draft report after presentation to ccNSO in Kobe

            6.3 Next steps post Kobe.

7. AOB

8. Next Meetings -face to face Kobe 9 March  13:30 – 15:00 (local) – Room 403 KICC



Chat Transcript:

11:26:13 From Bernard : hello all
11:26:29 From Abdalmonem Galila : Hello
11:26:35 From Kimberly Carlson : Hello, welcome
11:26:55 From Joke Braeken : Hello all,
Should you wish to follow the live note taking during today’s emoji SG call (27 Febr 2019, 18:30 UTC), go to
11:29:57 From Abdalmonem Galila : Thanks @Joke
11:30:09 From bart.boswinkel : Hi All
11:30:20 From Abdalmonem Galila : Hello Bart
11:33:40 From Kimberly Carlson : Yes, please share your feedback, good and bad - thanks
11:34:05 From bart.boswinkel : Nothing special
11:44:03 From Peter Koch : sound gone?
11:44:07 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : I stopped listening
11:44:07 From Joke Braeken : I can no longer hear Bernie?
11:44:12 From Suzanne Woolf : likewise
11:44:14 From Abdalmonem Galila : Same here
11:44:40 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : I can hear Bart and Kim
11:45:09 From Peter Koch : hand
11:46:23 From jaap : No problems
11:46:36 From page howe : ok
11:49:46 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : Raise hand: Participants window... at the bottom there are some buttons for actions
11:51:25 From Peter Koch : welcome, page
11:52:40 From page howe : an other area of confusion is that besides the adaptability aspect of not being able to "speak" emoji, besides spelling out the punycode IDN, the fact is we dont speak emoji. Each has a short code, and search engines may use that for content management, but emoji are used in text and typing form a connection form the brain, to the emoji, without going thru a trnsaltion or name. so if i am on the phone i may or may not be able to "say" my domain name.
11:52:52 From page howe : not sure which block or this should be in new discussion.
11:56:45 From page howe : so my contribution is that we seem to tie "speaking emoji" to adaptability, but on its own its an issue for confusability, especially globally.
11:57:43 From page howe : i cannot get mike to work with zoom.
12:05:17 From Peter Koch : “content” mislead me, any better word anyone?
12:06:05 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : composition of the domain name ?
12:06:30 From Peter Koch : yes, along those lines, thanks!
12:06:38 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : :)
12:21:58 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : Is there a draft structure on how the 30 minutes update in the ccNSO members meeting will be used? do you need us to contribute in any manner?
12:22:15 From bart.boswinkel : No Not yet
12:22:35 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : ok
12:22:41 From bart.boswinkel : but once we had the f-2-f we will have:-)
12:22:51 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : ;)
12:34:19 From Kimberly Carlson : the remote details are on the calendar invite
12:34:31 From Bernard : Bye all
12:34:40 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : Thank you! Have a great rest of the day :)
12:34:41 From Kimberly Carlson : Thank you everyone, talk soon. Safe travels
12:34:43 From Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) : bye
12:34:44 From jaap : bye all

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