Members:    Stephen Deerhake, Kristina Hakobyan, Barrack Otieno, Eberhard Lisse, Vadim Mikhaylov, Nenad Orlic, Nick Wenban-Smith, Danko Jevtovic, Garth Miller, Allan MacGillivray, Sean Copeland, Alyssa Moore, Peter Koch, Svitlana Tkachenko


Observers and experts:    Jaap Akkerhuis

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Bernard Turcotte, Kim Carlson

Apologies:     Naela Sarras


  1. Welcome & Roll Call
  2. Administrative items (if any) 
    1. Status ISO 3166 draft version v4 – (follow-up email discussion)
    2. Status discussion retirement IDN ccTLDs
  3. Discussion Decision making continued 
  4. Discussion removal Exceptionally reserved continued
  5. AOB
  6. Next Meetings
    1. 29 August @17:00 UTC


Recording:  Zoom Playback

Transcript:  EN

Chat Transcript:

05:01:33 From Kimberly Carlson : Hello, welcome to today’s cc PDP on Retirement Working Group call on 15 August at 11:00 UTC. Attendance will be taken according to who is in Zoom. Apologies received: Naela Sarras. Calls are recorded and transcribed. Recordings and transcripts will be posted on the public wiki: As a reminder, when not speaking, please mute your phones and microphones to avoid background noise.
05:02:32 From Danko Jevtovic : hi *.*
05:03:34 From Stephen Deerhake : Greetings Danko!
05:05:07 From bart.boswinkel :
05:05:24 From joke.braeken : If you would like to follow the live note-taking during today’s meeting, go to []
05:05:31 From bart.boswinkel : The link to the final report of the IDN ccTLD policy review team
05:06:28 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : @stephen the subsequent procedures PDP groups are having 2 meetings a week at present!!
05:14:52 From Barrack Otieno : I agree with EL
05:20:57 From jaap : It is like the ietf is following changes in the unicode standard
05:24:49 From Nenad Orlić : I can remove 'hand up' status :)
05:25:04 From Nenad Orlić : So, hand is not raised really :)
05:35:17 From Stephen Deerhake : Thank you Jaap and Eberhard BTW...
05:37:17 From Peter Koch (DE) : so, should we ignore the comment?
05:38:01 From Peter Koch (DE) : i’m with Eberhard then
05:38:13 From Nick Wenban-Smith, Nominet : me too
05:39:00 From Kristina Hakobyan : I have no option to say I'm agree
05:39:12 From Kristina Hakobyan : I mean on my phone
05:48:21 From Allan MacGillivray : audio not working
05:49:43 From Allan MacGillivray : audio not working - I will put commments in the chat
05:49:51 From Kimberly Carlson to Allan MacGillivray (Privately) : Hi Allan, next to your microphone, there is a drop down menu where you can switch to phone
05:52:15 From Peter Koch (DE) : didn’t we agree that ‘decree’ should be replace by ‘observation’?
05:53:04 From Peter Koch (DE) : yes, ‘notification’ - thanks!
05:53:33 From Eberhard Lisse : I don’t see the poll
05:54:08 From jaap : Maybe you don’t allow pop-ups from zoom?
05:54:12 From Danko Jevtovic : I see it
05:54:14 From jaap : I see the poll
05:54:22 From sveta : i see the poll
05:54:24 From Peter Koch (DE) : i had submitted it but then it wnet away
05:54:26 From Allan MacGillivray : I don't have it.
05:54:29 From Peter Koch (DE) : “went"
05:54:41 From Vadim Mikhaylov : I don't have it too
05:54:50 From jaap : I don’t submit, will do an empty now
05:54:51 From Nenad Orlić : yes, those who submitted cant see it
05:54:52 From Danko Jevtovic : yes, after submit its gone
05:54:55 From joke.braeken : i did not submit anything, but still cannot see it
05:55:13 From joke.braeken : but i do see the results
05:55:17 From Danko Jevtovic : and teh results are out
05:55:22 From Eberhard Lisse : I see the results :-)-O
05:57:46 From Allan MacGillivray : While I think that it is worthwhile having a first pass on the question of what ‘decisions’ should be subject to review, we will not be able to finish this until the subsequent PdP process. For example, the next PdP could agree that all decisions are reviewable. So let’s not get bogged down on this issue now.
05:57:48 From Danko Jevtovic : yes - with Polls "button" you can now show/hide the results
05:58:13 From Nenad Orlić : again, nothing on IDN ccTLDs?
05:59:23 From Nenad Orlić : yes you did, but we need to put something in policy text
06:01:44 From joke.braeken : here are the action items from today’s meeting:
06:01:46 From joke.braeken : ACTION ITEM #1:
ISO 3166 updates: Group reviews this topic at the face-to-face in Montreal, and takes stock of the update to the standard

Review mechanism to be built into the policy. Circumstances may differ.

Discussion decision-making: Bart will review the document based on discussions today

Group to review the document circulated for exceptionally reserved, ahead of the next meeting, and to circulate possible questions or comments on the mailing list
06:03:15 From joke.braeken : none from me, thank you!
06:03:21 From Nenad Orlić : bye all
06:03:23 From Kristina Hakobyan : thanks all and bye
06:03:24 From Kimberly Carlson : Thanks everyone, bye
06:03:25 From Vadim Mikhaylov : Thank you! Bye!
06:03:27 From joke.braeken : thanks all. Goodbye!
06:03:31 From Danko Jevtovic : cu
06:03:32 From Allan MacGillivray : Good day all.
06:03:33 From Bernard Turcotte : bye all
06:03:39 From sveta : thank you! bye
06:03:44 From Sean Copeland : Bye
06:03:45 From jaap : bye all

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