Attendees staffBart Boswinkel, Joke Braeken, Maria Otanes
ApologiesLaura Margolis, Lianna Galstyan
  1. Welcome and roll call
  2. Review IGLC meeting on 31 May
    1. What are the relevant topics?
    2. How to interact and report back to the community?
  3. ICANN65
    1. Report during the ccNSO Members Meeting: proposed slide deck (Tue, 25 June | 11:10-11:20 | room Siroua | https://65.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1058211)
    2. IGLC face to face meeting (Thu, 27 June | 15:15-16:45 | room Opale | https://65.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1058313)
  4. AOB
  5. Closure & next meeting: Thu, 27 June | 15:15-16:45 | room Opale | https://65.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1058313
  • agenda
  • slide deck ICANN65 ccNSO Members Meeting

00:40:19 Joke Braeken: Thu, 27 June | 15:15-16:45 | room Opale https://65.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1058313
00:41:23 bonis: :-)
00:45:32 Young-eum PC: Agree
00:49:48 Young-eum PC: Noted.
00:50:01 Young-eum PC: ok
00:52:31 Young-eum PC: The more the merrier
00:52:33 Ivy Contreras .gt: ok
00:54:44 Young-eum PC: I will just try to put our group in perspective.
00:57:38 Joke Braeken: Mary, remote participation will be available. You can find the remote participation details here: https://65.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1058313
00:57:53 Joke Braeken: the meeting will be via zoom
01:00:14 Young-eum PC: Agree
01:00:43 Eduardo Santoyo: I´ll miss the next Face to face meeting.. I´m not attending ICANN 65
01:01:09 Maša Drofenik: Sorry, not be able to attent ICANN 65
01:01:32 Ivy Contreras .gt: Yes thank you
01:01:54 Ivy Contreras .gt: I won't be attending, but will try to connect via zoom
01:12:18 Mary Uduma: Thank you all. See you online at ICANN 65
01:12:28 Young-eum PC: Thanks everyone!
01:12:56 fionaongeso: Thanks Everyone
01:12:59 Joke Braeken: thank you all! Have a good weekend. See you in Marrakech.
01:13:00 Ivy Contreras .gt: Bye!



Action item #1:
Secretariat, together with chair, to add slide to the presentation deck, with an overview of the membership, per region

Action item #2:
Secretariat, together with chair, to add to the presentation deck  an overview of the other groups within the ICANN environment (to be included in the 1st slide)

Action item #3:
Group members are invited to share IG-related information on the mailing list. E.g. IG-related events etc

Action item #4:
Staff to create section on wiki of the IG-related events, ahead of the meeting in Marrakech

Action item #5:
Mary invited to share details on Nigerian IGF with the mailing list
Pierre invited to share details on French IGF with the mailing list

Action item #6:
Staff to come up with proposed schedule for next meetings


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