Members: Katrina Sataki, Byron Holland, Souleymane Oumtanaga, Nigel Roberts, Abdalla Omari, Alejandra Reynoso, Stephen Deerhake, Hiro Hotta, Peter Vergote, Debbie Monahan, Margarita Valdez (11)

NomCom/Observers/Liasons/Regional Organizations:  Barrack Otieno, Jian Zhang, Christelle Vaval, Philippe Fouquart

Staff: Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, Joke Braeken, Maria Otanes

Apologies:  Leonid Todorov, Abibu Ntahigiye, Demi Getschko 

Did not attend - no apology sent:  Pablo Rodriguez, Young Eum Lee



Agenda:  Agenda and resolutions ccNSO Council Meeting 26 April 2018.pdf


Chat Transcript:

11:49:19 From Barrack Otieno : Hi Colleagues
11:49:39 From Kimberly Carlson : Hello everyone, welcome
11:50:13 From souleymane : Hi everyone
11:54:29 From Alejandra Reynoso [.gt] : Good morning Debbie :)
11:55:23 From Joke Braeken : hello everyone! Those who would like to follow the live-note taking during the call, are kindly requested to open this google document :
11:58:06 From Kimberly Carlson : welcome everyone
11:58:43 From bart.boswinkel : Hi all
11:58:43 From Hiro Hotta : Hi
11:58:56 From rcSOyiKPDzAQPRGCdFEbmg== : hello
11:59:05 From Jian Zhang : hi
11:59:14 From Jian Zhang : is there anybody talking now?
11:59:25 From Philippe Fouquart : Hi
11:59:25 From Jian Zhang : ok
11:59:54 From Katrina Sataki : Hello everyone!
12:00:44 From peterv : Hi Katrina, hi all. Administrative information, I’ll have to leave the call at 21.00 CEST
12:00:57 From bart.boswinkel : peter van roste
12:02:00 From Philippe Fouquart : Thanks :)
12:02:16 From Kimberly Carlson : the "mystery" person can rename themself
12:02:17 From Philippe Fouquart : I will indeed. Thx.
12:02:51 From rcSOyiKPDzAQPRGCdFEbmg== : I am here
12:03:07 From rcSOyiKPDzAQPRGCdFEbmg== : Kim
12:04:10 From Barrack Otieno : Barrack is here i hope i am not the mystery person connecting from my phone
12:04:53 From Joke Braeken : if you would like to follow the live note-taking, go to
12:09:02 From Kimberly Carlson : If anyone is having trouble finding the "raise hand" or any other participant controls - Ria is monitoring chat and can assist
12:09:22 From Stephen Deerhake : Is this working? Prior text went away...
12:09:27 From Stephen Deerhake : Oh, it is now.
12:09:34 From bart.boswinkel : yes it is
12:16:16 From byron.holland : Is the chat working?
12:16:29 From byron.holland : Mine is completely blank
12:16:31 From Kimberly Carlson : HI Bryone, i see your message
12:16:35 From Ria Otanes : yes, it’s working
12:16:37 From byron.holland : OK, thx
12:16:39 From Stephen Deerhake : Participation by guilt?
12:16:44 From Ria Otanes : did you just log in?
12:17:07 From Ria Otanes : the messages don’t show prior to your log in
12:17:20 From Joke Braeken : for those who have blank chats: if you would like to follow the live note-taking, go to
12:17:20 From byron.holland : I got kicked out and when I came back the chat was blank. Fine now though:=)
12:17:58 From Ria Otanes : ah yes. glad its working :)
12:18:22 From Stephen Deerhake : Would this session be limited to natural disasters or could it include such things as DDoS attacks, etc.?
12:18:47 From bart.boswinkel : The secretariat will send out a call for volunteers to Council to assist in organising the participation and disaster recovery session
12:22:31 From byron.holland : Stephen this is bullet 3 from the TLD-OPS email I was referring to: (3) The first version of the DDoS Mitigation Playbook was released to the TLD-OPS community today.
a. We highly recommend you look at implementing the best practice elements of the playbook into your organization to be more efficient in dealing with DDoS attacks.
12:23:42 From souleymane : ok byron
12:24:03 From Stephen Deerhake : Thanks Byron.
12:24:04 From Kimberly Carlson : Additionally, the playbook was circulated to the tld ops mailing list
12:25:14 From souleymane to Kimberly Carlson(Privately) : I am interested to join Tld Ops groups. How to join?
12:25:25 From Stephen Deerhake : Do we have any idea how many ccTLDs currently offer emoji at 2nd level?
12:25:47 From Stephen Deerhake : move
12:25:51 From Stephen Deerhake : second then
12:26:00 From bart.boswinkel : Stephen: 2 defitely
12:26:10 From bart.boswinkel : .FM and .WS
12:30:07 From Nigel Roberts : FYI I abstain from any vote on this item.
12:31:10 From bart.boswinkel : Special Election
12:34:40 From bart.boswinkel : According to the bylaws sections : 10.3 (g)
A vacancy on the ccNSO Council shall be deemed to exist in the case of the death, resignation, or removal of any ccNSO Council member.
Vacancies in the positions of the ccNSO Council members selected by ccNSO members shall be filled for the unexpired term by the procedure described in Section 10.4(g) through (i).
Section 10.4 g
upon the occurrence of a vacancy in the seat of such a ccNSO Council member (i.e member appointed by the ccTLDs), the ccNSO Council shall establish a nomination and election schedule, which shall be sent to all ccNSO members within the Geographic Region and posted on the Website.
12:34:58 From Nigel Roberts : The word 'shall' is interpreted to mean must
12:35:04 From Nigel Roberts : You HAVE to call it.
12:37:34 From Joke Braeken : here are the reports for the special elections of the North American Region and African region, both held together with the regular elections in 2016:
12:40:48 From Nigel Roberts : Mailing list is fine (and I will still abstain)
12:41:24 From bart.boswinkel : There is a little flexibility
12:41:32 From bart.boswinkel : bit not enough
12:41:42 From bart.boswinkel : and establish timeline
12:41:54 From bart.boswinkel : needs to bedecked upon as well
12:42:06 From bart.boswinkel : needs to be decided upon
12:42:55 From byron.holland : +1 re Peter's comment
12:43:58 From Stephen Deerhake : How long will we have? A week to "vote"?
12:51:58 From Barrack Otieno : sorry i keep dropping out AFTLD will have a workshop during the Africa Internet Summit in Dakar next week TLD OPS will be presenting as well.
12:56:54 From bart.boswinkel : Phillippe’s hand is up
12:57:48 From Abdalla : sorry, i got a connection problem
13:00:20 From Philippe Fouquart (GNSO liaison) : ok thx Bart
13:00:57 From Philippe Fouquart (GNSO liaison) : yes thank you Katrina
13:03:30 From Joke Braeken : no comments from my end Katrina.
13:04:55 From peterv : Have to drop off now….till next meeting
13:14:46 From Philippe Fouquart (GNSO liaison) : FWIW on the join gac session maybe that's also an opportunity to call for some input from them to the retirement session. Just a thought.
13:14:57 From Philippe Fouquart (GNSO liaison) : (joint)
13:22:50 From Margarita Valdés : well, we start to meet for dinner in LA many years ago and each of us payed his her consume
13:23:05 From Margarita Valdés : we can do something similar in Panama
13:23:15 From Margarita Valdés : :-)
13:24:08 From byron.holland : Thanks All, bye for now
13:24:14 From Christelle Vaval : thanks bye all
13:24:16 From Philippe Fouquart (GNSO liaison) : Thanks. Bye now.
13:24:16 From souleymane : Thanks
13:24:17 From Margarita Valdés : bye
13:24:19 From Katrina Sataki : Thank you! Bye!
13:24:22 From souleymane : bye
13:24:24 From Barrack Otieno : bye

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