Members:  Stephen Deerhake, Abdalla Omari, Byron Holland, Debbie Monahan, Nigel Roberts, Peter Vergote, Katrina Sataki, Demi Getschko, Alejandra Reynoso, Hiro Hotta, Abibu Ntahigiye, Souleymane Oumtanaga, Margarita Valdes (phone only) (13)

NomCom/Observers/Liasons/Regional Organizations:  Ben Fuller, Peter Van Roste, Maureen Hilyard, Christelle Vaval, Jian Zhang, Ching Chiao, Barrack Otieno

Staff: Bart Boswinkel, Kim Carlson, 

Apologies:  Pablo Rodriguez, Young-eum Lee

Did not attend - no apology sent:  





Chat transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello all, welcome
Bart Boswinkel:Hi All!
Joke Braeken:hello everyone!
Ben Fuller:Hi all
Stephen Deerhake:Morning everyone!
Debbie Monahan:Evening everyone
Peter Van Roste (CENTR):Hi Everyone!
Peter Vergote (.be):Good afternoon. Does anyone have any news from Pablo/situation in Puerto Rico?
Christelle Vaval:good morning
Nigel Roberts:Good morning Peter. Both Stephen and I talked to Pablo before it made landfall, and he was confident he would be ok. Not since.
Peter Vergote (.be):Things I've been reading this morning were not promissing, San Juan is flooded, no electricity in the whole country, ...
demi getschko:Hi everyone!
Bart Boswinkel:Meeting is quorate
Kimberly Carlson:Agenda is scrollable
Stephen Deerhake:I agree. Move it to the end.
Debbie Monahan:yes agree
Hiro Hotta:sorry to be late
abibu (.tz):Apologies for joining late.
Kimberly Carlson:Hi Hiro and Abibu, welcome
Barrack Otieno:my apologies Chair
abibu (.tz):thanks kim. having audio problem.
Debbie Monahan:should we be making it clear in the board nominations that noone from AP can apply
Debbie Monahan:there may be some confuaion with some re Chris' region so think we should say that
Stephen Deerhake:Debbie, I believe you are correct, and that we should make it clear that AP is out of the picture for this election.
Stephen Deerhake:no, it was a second.
Ching Chiao:thank you all!
Peter Vergote (.be):Congrats Ching! Good to have you confirmed as co-cahir and member of this WG
Peter Vergote (.be):chair not cahir
Joke Braeken:thank you Debbie. I will follow up on this.
abibu (.tz):Kim, is there audio problem? I cant hear anything!
Kimberly Carlson:you might need to close and rejoin
Kimberly Carlson:AC audio is fine
abibu (.tz):ok. let me try.
Kimberly Carlson:you can also PM me if you need a dial out
abibu (.tz):no joy. pse dial out.
Jian Zhang:Thanks to Kim, I''m back to Adobe now
Kimberly Carlson:great, glad to hear it
demi getschko:i move
souleymane:in favour
Stephen Deerhake:Looks good Alejandra! Great piece of work!
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Thank you Stephen! :) Result of team effort ;)
Debbie Monahan:I wouldn't want to be arrested for defending .nz
Debbie Monahan:so agree Peter - big issue
Jian Zhang:@ Debbie @Stephen Isn't Chris from Europe now since he moved back to Britain?
Ching Chiao:perhaps a topic n ccnso - gnso meeting ?
Peter Van Roste (CENTR):@Ching: yes, maybe in addition to discussing it within the ccNSO too?
Debbie Monahan:@Jian - he has elected AP as his region
Stephen Deerhake:Hi Jian. Chris elected to declare as AP in his SoI.
Debbie Monahan:he has dual citizenship
Jian Zhang:ok
Jian Zhang:thanks for the help to understand it!
Kimberly Carlson:29 Oct
Kimberly Carlson:sunday
Kimberly Carlson:lunck - correct
Kimberly Carlson:lunch
Peter Vergote (.be):Ok, thanks
Debbie Monahan:i can increase the .nz contribution if needed
Stephen Deerhake:I propose that we pass on the cocktail for this go around and have a cocktail on ICANN...
Nigel Roberts:We can increase ours too.
Nigel Roberts:But I'm happy to pass, and we can have a proper Latin event in PR (I hope things will be good for that, in view of Maria)
Stephen Deerhake:Definitely need to talk to the Board re: NomCom. Board is responsible for NomCom.
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Yes! Changing the agenda so late in the planning is very far from ideal.
Stephen Deerhake:Board needs to treat us with more respect...
Stephen Deerhake:THe Goard appoints the Chair of NomCom if I am not mistaken. That makes them responsible.
Nigel Roberts:NomCom is part of ICANN. The Board is ultimately responsible for everyhing they do.
Debbie Monahan:have we asked Jorg about the process they went through and their decison making?
Nigel Roberts:I have a friendly point of order, before Byron might potentially leave the meeting.
Stephen Deerhake:ECA Update: ECA certified NomCom appoints to seats 7 and 8. No further work expected for a while.
Byron:Thanks Nigel. I will stay on the call but will not speak to the issue nor vote
Ching Chiao:CCWG-AP update: next call in an hour time. Xavier plans to explain how ICANN would evaluate projects, and community will be discussing on example projects that would be considered suitable for the fund
Stephen Deerhake:We cannot refuse the NomCom appointee. But we can certainly address the process.
Peter Van Roste (CENTR):Unfortunately I have to leave for another meeting. I suggest to have a 1-2-1 conversation with Jörg to hear more background before sending the letter.
Debbie Monahan:should we look at doing a ccNSO submission to the nomcom review as well as the letter?
Stephen Deerhake:I do not think Jorg can tell us much due to NomCom confidentiality...
Katrina Sataki:yes, exactly
demi getschko:Exactly... Just One member in NomCom
Stephen Deerhake:WE cannot not seat the Nomcom appointee.
Bart Boswinkel:For the record Byron has recused
demi getschko:I'll have to leave now... Bye all
Nigel Roberts:I'd suggest that the appointee would be highly acceptable if she wasn't on CIRA board.
Stephen Deerhake:We have no Council minute meetings from the early days... This is unacceptable.
Stephen Deerhake:Bart, I don't think it matters. There is NO EXCUSE for broken links in the ICANN website. We are losing our history! Not acceptable...
Byron:How do we log a ticket for these web issues so there is a record and can be put into a cue?
Stephen Deerhake:A topic for the Board - ccNSO meeting
Bart Boswinkel:ICANN website
Nigel Roberts:Byron's right. But there's a joint responsibilty between the CTO and the CEO. We must be able to recover historical minutes.
Bart Boswinkel:it is very much about the old material
Bart Boswinkel:nibnutes
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Is anyone speaking or am I having sound issues?
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Now audio is back
Byron:Nothing from me in my capacity as VC
Nigel Roberts:The Chair is summarisng ..
Stephen Deerhake:Re: present... That's a tough one...
Nigel Roberts:I like the idea of a unique piece of art
Nigel Roberts:maybe made out of bits?
Nigel Roberts:punched cards
Ben Fuller:Bye all
Kimberly Carlson:thank you al, bye
Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]:Thank you! Have a good day
Stephen Deerhake:Bye all
Debbie Monahan:good night all
Joke Braeken:thank you all. bye
Katrina Sataki:thank you! bye!
Byron:Bye all
Peter Vergote (.be):Txs, bye all
Abdalla:Thank you
Christelle Vaval:bye
Bart Boswinkel:Bye all

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