Members: Abdalla Omari, Soulemane Oumtanaga, Nigel Roberts, Stephen Deerhake, Alejandra Reynoso, Abibu Ntahigiye, Katrina Sataki, Young Eum-Lee, Byron Holland, Debbie Monahan, Hiro Hotta, Peter Vergote (12)

NomCom/Observers/Liasons/Regional Organizations:  Leonid Todorov, Peter Van Roste, Ben Fuller, Barrack Otieno, Jian Zhang, Maureen Hilyard, Ching Chiao (audio only)

Staff: Bart Boswinkel

Apologies: Margarita Valdés,  Demi Getschko 

Did not attend - no apology sent:  Pablo Rodriguez

Recording: Mp3




Chat Transcript:

Maria Otanes: Welcome to the ccNSO Council Meeting on 20 July 2017 at 18.00 UTC

Maria Otanes: hi Souleymane, welcome

souleymane: hello maria

Stephen Deerhake: Hi Alejandra!

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: Hi Stephen :)

abibu (.tz): hello all

Stephen Deerhake: Hi Joke!


Joke Braeken: hello everyone!

Bart Boswinkel: Hi All

souleymane: hello bart

Stephen Deerhake: Greetings again Bart. We've got to stop meeting like this...

Bart Boswinkel: Othe rsuggestion?

Stephen Deerhake: Not sure I got that one Bart...

Stephen Deerhake: Hi Katrina!

Barrack Otieno AFTLD: Hi Everyone

Stephen Deerhake: Give Debbie some slack --it's 04.00h in Wellington! ;-)

Stephen Deerhake: Minutes are fine.

Debbie Monahan: Hi all

Debbie Monahan: sorry I'm a bit late

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: Hi Debbie :)

Byron Holland: Katrina is cutting out for me. Is it her or is it my line?

Bart Boswinkel: It is Katrina's line

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: I can hear her well

Joke Braeken: i cannot hear Peter very well either

Peter Vergote: Good evening all

Nigel: As Chair I will do my best to avoid Peter's concerns. I am happy to habe Vadim on board.

Peter Van Roste (CENTR): I have full confidence Nigel!

Young-eum Lee: Sorry for the audio mixup. I was talking to the operator.

Joke Braeken: thanks Young-eum

Stephen Deerhake: I think at a minimum we will need to review their submitted materials before we can make a decision...

Stephen Deerhake: Bart, what is our drop-dead date on this?

Stephen Deerhake: So this will be a vote via email then?

Bart Boswinkel: 4 August

Bart Boswinkel: As agreed tit wil be through usual voting mechanism

abibu (.tz): joined again

Nigel: louder please

Byron Holland: louder please

Maureen Hilyard: Stephen is very quiet

Stephen Deerhake: Byron, are you generally happy with things?

Stephen Deerhake: Move

Byron Holland: SD - Yes, CSC is progressing according to plan. Work on a couple of the bigger items is proceeding. So far, so good.

Young-eum Lee: both agree

Nigel: I move we adopt it.

Bart Boswinkel: Both the WG and community have strong diverting views on how ot structure the next steps

Stephen Deerhake: Can we come up with some sort of endurance award for Annabeth?

Young-eum Lee: A recognition of appreciation is certainly in order

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: yes

Joke Braeken: yes, better

Young-eum Lee: I prefer 3

abibu (.tz): 3 and 4 seem good.

abibu (.tz): but need to engage them to understand our position.

Byron Holland: I'm supportive.

Byron Holland: I'll move

Stephen Deerhake: Move.

Stephen Deerhake: Second.

souleymane: ok for me

Stephen Deerhake: Send a letter.

abibu (.tz): agree

Young-eum Lee: at least maintain the status quo

souleymane: agree

Young-eum Lee: maintain the status quo until a community agreement can be achieved

Bart Boswinkel: MAy I suggest we revisit the letter in August meeting

Stephen Deerhake: Agree with Bart.

Bart Boswinkel: and include Annebeth and ccNSo members of the CCWG

Young-eum Lee: agree with Bart

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: I agree with Bart too

Nigel: Agree

Hiro Hotta: agree

Stephen Deerhake: +1

Debbie Monahan: happy with that - no use sending something just for the sake of sending it so lets see how it looks

souleymane: ok

Stephen Deerhake: Louder...

Katrina Sataki: look who's talkig :D

Debbie Monahan: yes, it was interesting

Stephen Deerhake: Yes. Jaap's presentation was really interesting and I think it would be of value to the general community.

Stephen Deerhake: Thanks Katrina :D

Stephen Deerhake: Regarding ICANN60: Can we condense all the ccNSO stuff as much as possible so I don't have to spend from Day -1 to Day N+1 there as was the case in HYD? Just asking... ;-)

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: ccNSO Meeting Satisfaction Survey ICANN59:

Peter Vergote: Agree with Stephen on this

Maria Otanes: the document is scrollable so you may zoom

Katrina Sataki: not scrollable anymore

Stephen Deerhake: Alejandra, do you know what day the CCWG meetings will be taking place?

Stephen Deerhake: Can you de-conflict the PDP WG from the AGM on Thursday?

Joke Braeken: they typically meet on day 1, don't they?

Bart Boswinkel: That is possible but then we move it to block 3

Bart Boswinkel: I ti seitherway and follows

Stephen Deerhake: Fair enough Bart.

Stephen Deerhake: IANA gets a Gold Star for the month!

Stephen Deerhake: Thank you Byron.

Stephen Deerhake: With regards to the Rejection Action Guideline, I get my copy of the ICANN Rejection Action Scroll tomorrow (displayed at ICANN 59) tomorrow...

Stephen Deerhake: No doubt it was Ching... ;-)

Peter Vergote: I can report on CCWG auction if Ching is not on call

Maria Otanes: Ching is on audio only

Stephen Deerhake: Happy to have him continue if he is willing...

Maureen Hilyard: Ching is doing a great job on the Auction WG

Peter Vergote:

Maureen Hilyard: Great report Peter

Joke Braeken: Ching mentioned that a written update will follow asap.

Stephen Deerhake: +1 regarding your question Katrina.

Stephen Deerhake: (If he's willing to do so of course...)

Young-eum Lee: +1

Stephen Deerhake: Done deal then.

Byron Holland: Thank you Ching!

Stephen Deerhake: MOve to adjourn.

Barrack Otieno AFTLD: Thank you everyone

Young-eum Lee: Thanks

Peter Van Roste (CENTR): Thank you Katrina, thanks everyone. Bye!

Barrack Otieno AFTLD: bye

Hiro Hotta: thank you, bye

Alejandra Reynoso [.gt]: Thank you! :) Bye

Joke Braeken: thank you all. Bye!

Byron Holland: Thanks Bye

Katrina Sataki: thank you all, bye!

Ben Fuller: Bye

Stephen Deerhake: Bye all.

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