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9ICANN should open regional offices with a clear strategy, subject to a cost-benefit analysis, focusing on the areas where the access to the Internet is growing, and where such growth is more likely to occur.ICANN Board; ICANN StaffTG2
  • Staff
  • ALAC



Implementation Details

The At-Large Community has championed ICANN staff efforts of opening regional offices to enhance engagement.

Following a strategic vision, ICANN has established stable presence in all five geographic regions, especially in the growth markets, by building hubs in Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Singapore, as well as engagement centers in Beijing, Brussels, Geneva, Montevideo, Nairobi, Seoul, and Washington DC. 

These regional offices have significantly increased ICANN’s involvement in regional Internet events. They have also enabled greater collaboration between ICANN staff and local At-Large Structures. This has been reflected on ALSes’ participation in ICANN’s IDN LGR integration panel, as well as the implementation of the regional strategies, with components including capacity building webinars and language localization projects.

Next Step

At-Large Structures will continue engaging with ICANN regional offices to explore various forms of collaboration.



  • Staff to provide the Strategy document before LA.
  • ALAC to expand on this recommendation

    • Ariel Liang to follow up the GSE team and Heidi Ullrich with regard to the Strategy document 


 (ALAC-GSE Part 1) 

  • Note on Slide: This should be referred to ICANN’s Operations Team
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond: 
    • It's pretty much done and dusted. ICANN has opened offices to cover all of the five regions, so that works well. 

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