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37Additional logistical support from ICANN is needed to improve the At-Large wiki.ICANN StaffTG5
  • Technology Taskforce

Implementation Details

ICANN Policy Staff in support of At-Large Community have made incremental improvements to the At-Large Community wiki. To improve the navigation and findability of the myriad of At-Large teleconference wiki pages, Staff have developed and implemented a template for the titles of those pages. Following some best practices in organizing wiki pages, the wiki workspace for a few At-Large (sponsored or initiated) working groups, such as the At-Large Review Working Party, At-Large Technology Taskforce, and Cross Community Committee on Accessibility, have gone through an overhaul. In addition, to make the new At-Large website a gateway to the community wiki, the page types, orders, and content in the RALO and ALAC wiki workspace were analyzed during the website revamp process. This analysis can serve as a guideline for the further improvements of the At-Large Community wiki.

Next Step

Referencing existing analysis and best practices, the At-Large Technology Taskforce will coordinate with Staff and continue developing a set of requirements to improve the information architecture and page templates in the wiki. At-Large will also request ICANN to provide additional Staff or Intern resource to focus on this labor-intensive endeavor of improving the Community wiki.


  • : Technology Taskforce (Dev Anand Teelucksingh) to define requirements for improving At-Large wiki navigation and information architecture, as well as templates for different types of pages 


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